Lonetree Ranch
March 14 at 2:57am ·
I just returned from the 2:00 AM check to see if any cows were calving... 


Pretty quiet, which is OK by me. I don't do many night checks anymore as one of the "next generation" covers that territory more often. But tonight, one was not feeling quite on top of the world and I thought it would be good to volunteer.

So many memories go through my mind as I walk that path and then through the cows...I have been doing it for nearly a half century. Even when I was younger, I did not mind doing the night checks. I find when I am nearly all alone in the dark...I think of others that I have shared these experiences with. Generations deep up to the present. I also recall experiences and horses and cows and yes I never go out at night without looking for Orion or the Ursa Major or the North Star. Tonight, there were no stars to be seen, but the clouds were not heavy enough to completely blot out the light of the moon.

I find myself thinking about God and Scripture and the natural things of this world when I am in this setting. Politics and the sensationalism of the news seem distant. As I carried my flashlight to work my way throughout the darkness in the midst of the calving pen, I thought of the verse, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." from the book of Psalms, chapter 119. Seemed appropriate to ponder the LIGHT in the darkness, but I also thought of Isaiah 40:31, "They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength..." That was good to remember. I did not need to go further into that verse even though I love the content dearly. I was in no place that I needed to run or take wings as an eagle and fly....I was just quietly going about the springtime ritual that at times may be a chore of checking cows.

My time outside went quite quickly as there was no action taking place. I took some time to admire some of the babies that had already been born and there were a few times that I paused to observe livestock in other places. I must say that I had a few thoughts of others in the cow business that may be out doing there timely task of night checks. I thought of a neighbor or two. That is good.

Well, I am finally feeling the burden to rest. I don't need much sleep, but sleep is good and it thwarts off "grumpiness" the next day. :) I won't have to count sheep tonight, nor baby calves....I just think I will drift off and count blessings along the way. Good Night from the Lonetree Ranch

Larry Reinhold