This is our last evening as a family here at the ranch before the staff arrives. In three days kids will be running everywhere. Each year in the weeks preceding camp, we wade through the overwhelming thoughts of the tasks ahead. As I was walking to the house this evening, Robin came walking across the lawn with one of the new horses. She stated that she had a good feeling about the old mare working for kids, but had some concerns for certain issues with the mare’s teeth. This is an issue when one realizes that we put bits into the horse’s mouth. I thought of all the issues that we had to consider after such an eventful and quite tumultuous year. All I could say as I stood near the edge of the lawn is, "Well, all the lilacs are gone." Somewhat of a random thought I realize, but I was slowly being brought around to another mindset. I quipped, "It is a beautiful evening, however." Robin nodded and then I added, " And we get to share it with people." And then again, my mind began to race as I thought of so many memories of this time in years past. We are on the edge of an unbelievable journey. Hundreds of children and thousands of people will be impacted by the activities of this ministry called "Rainbow" on the Lonetree in Meade County, South Dakota. My thoughts and writing are again interrupted as I hear a knock on the window beside me in our living room. Caleb is standing there also with a horse... taking time to get to know her and conditioning her to being around kids. There are so many bases to cover this year. Truthfully, I get asked whether we are ready for camp or not? My response, seemingly out of jest and yet quite seriously as well, "No...but we are going to start anyway." There are many things taking place and many things that need to be done. But most of these are just things. We are excited about sharing our lives and most importantly, "The Good News of Jesus". I know I speak for our fine staff as well. They have answered a call and not simply taking a job. And this is where each of you are that have prayed and contributed to the outreach of Rainbow Bible Ranch. Your Prayers and Support are an integral part of the ministry. Without it, we would back down from the incredible challenges that have come our way, but together we forge on. I speak from my heart with overwhelming gratitude. Thank you for keeping your end of the deal. Much has been accomplished. The horse numbers are there... we just have a lot of riding to do to insure that they are ready for the campers. The Dakota Horse Challenge Finale is going to take place here at the Ranch on June 21st. This is an exciting event that should provide some quality horses to work into the Remuda in the future. We have planted over 2000 trees to offset the tremendous damage that took place in the storm. We are beginning some major dirt work on crossings and dams this week. The Prairie Gazebo is finished and will prove to be a great addition. Yes, there is a lot to do and yes, we are starting camp this week. Praise God that we can serve Him in this way. Let us know if we can pray for or encourage you in some way. I count you as some of our closest allies in the ministry. Let us Press on.

For the Kingdom,

Larry B. Reinhold

Rainbow Bible Ranch Executive Director

Larry Reinhold