My Dad is a great man. He has not received many awards in his life journey but he has many rewards awaiting him when he is inducted into the Halls of Glory. A gentle giant...

Dad has been a big man in my eyes and in the hearts of many. Dad has had more than his share of wrecks and his heart has ached many times, but not due to foolishness, but rather because he is in the battle. My Dad is a leader that has taken his lead from the Almighty. He loves Jesus and he is a lover of God's Word. I have appreciated his willingness to let me move through the passages of life as he has taken the role of encourager and as a partner. He is one to bless, even if he is in the shadows. Many of our conversations end with a thank you and a "God Bless You, Larry"

This photo of my Dad (Tige Reinhold) was taken with our son, Danny, about ten years ago, when Dad was still farming. And at the end of a long day in the tractor, Dad would still take the hand of a child... And what a picture that was. Dad's giant weathered hand engulfing that of the youthful.

And yes aging has taken it's toll on the shell of this great man and his mind is not as sharp as it once was... but his heart and his love... Oh my. We are blessed.

Larry Reinhold