It was bound to happen and it is probably good that it did. Winter "dropped in" with a vengeance. And now I must do chores in the office that I have been putting off as we took advantage of a beautiful autumn and were able to get many projects accomplished. I must admit that I was certainly enjoying myself, and the realization that we were making such good progress in so many areas was encouraging. Last year’s blizzard still hangs over us somewhat, mainly with so much to do that was not able to get done last year. That, hand in hand with the devastating effects of loss, found us climbing some pretty big hills. The good news was and continues to be ... "God is faithful". No surprise; however, we may be seemingly overwhelmed by the challenges and how God desires to take them on using common folks like you and me. Time is of the essence now to let people know how God has worked. I wish I could give you a personal tour. We are in the mode of producing our first Rainbow Reflector in over a year due to the Storm Atlas and the burdens that came with it. I want each person that partners with us to know how grateful we are that you have answered the call of our Lord in continuing the ministry of RBR. My Dad was able to return home from an extended time in the hospital. He is doing quite well and we are glad to have him back in his own home. We wish that you could join us for some upcoming events. On November 21st, we will conduct our annual Pie Auction. This is a great time and we have observed that it is not only fruitful to "accomplish projects" but also is a great time of fun and fellowship. Last year we raised over $12,000.00 that went toward Storm Restorations. Then another phenomenal time for the entire family is our annual Birthday in the Barn Celebration on December 12, 2014. Keep an eye on our website or follow us on Facebook for further details. We desire to pray with you as well. Let us know of your concerns and praises. We serve a great God!

In Christ,

Larry B. Reinhold

Rainbow Bible Ranch Executive Director

Larry Reinhold