RIDIN' THE STORM... Rainbow Bible Ranch theme in 1998
(Seemed fitting to share this with the current weather forecast and also in light of the many storms that friends are experiencing in life right now)

Over the years on more than one occasion, here on the ranch we have been called to "Ride"... I can remember my Dad coming to get us and with a sense of urgency he would say, "Boys, saddle up your horses...there's a storm coming." Truth is i have ridden more storms than I will ever sitt and watch with feet up by the fire and sipping on hot cocoa. 

Even in life when the storms come rolling in we are called to most often to prepare ourselves, rather than hide or run away. The best part is that we don''t have to ride alone.

This theme and song came about in 1998, the year after the long winter of 96--97. There is quite a story that goes along with how God inspired me to work the theme and then for Robin and I to write the song. I have included the words to the song. It proves to be a favorite at RBR over the years.

1998 Rainbow Bible Ranch Theme Song
by Larry & Robin Reinhold
1 ) The distant hills echo as the thunder rolls,
Fear grips my heart as a cold wind blows;
Through the dark of night,
I need a light,
Searching for a peace within the storm.
Jesus is here, To comfort and cheer
When the storms of life come raging in.
He’s my Friend and my Guide,
Always by my side,
I’m ridin’ the storm with Him!
2) Though the storm intensifies, He’s still in control.
Fear is replaced by a peace in my soul.
I can go to Him,
Find rest within;
Knowing that He’ll take me safely Home! (Repeat Chorus)
And no matter if the way seems hard and long,
Jesus gives the strength
I need to carry on!

Copyright 1998 Dakota Rainbow Music

Larry Reinhold