Durring the spring of 98 along with our cows to calve we had about a 100 head of heifers calving as well. It was 2:00 AM and it was time to head to the barn to head out and ride through the heifers. They were located on the hill side just east of the corrals. I got a young horse named Mr. Tige and as we made our way through the corral, it wasn't long before we were just following the beam of my flashlight as the light on the barn proved ineffective against the impending darkness. I figured it was not a good night to be calving and I hoped that all these expectant mothers were in agreement. It was nice to see the little white faces of calves that had been born in the days previous all snuggled in the bedding that we had rolled out the night before. And as I rode along, there were the usual groans from the soon to be mamas that were ready to calve. To my delight, nothing was happening and I turned that sorrel gelding back to the barn. It was then that the cold northwest wind hit me in the face and the snow that was falling became more noticeable. As we drew closer to the lights of the barn, the snow flakes took on that "Star Trek"effect... you know as the stars were being passed up as we moved warp speed through the galaxy. It was then that some memories of days gone by passed through my mind. Those words from my Dad, "Saddle up boys, there is a storm a coming." We got use to the fact that we did not go rest easy in the face of an approaching storm, but rather we prepared to "Ride the Storm. Excitement grew in my heart and mind as I thought of those words. I hurried to the house, pulled my boots off and then my coveralls and made my way upstairs. And then the moment that every spouse of the "night checker" dreads... I crawled into bed. :) And if that wasn't bad enough for Robin, I then proceeded to tell her that I knew what our theme would be for camp during the summer of 98... "RIDING THE STORM"

Larry Reinhold