Last week we planted the fields. It was 108 degrees. Things were drying up, The grass was turning brown, And Another dry summer was setting in.
But we planted, we prepared for rain and we prayed for rain. 
Last year we also planted. It didn’t rain. And nothing grew.
But what if this year we didn’t try? Because it didn’t grow last year than why try again?? Why put thousands of dollars worth of seed into the ground if it might not even come up and grow feed for the upcoming winter?? 
Because it’s faith. And because God is faithful. And because God also calls us to be Faithful too. And to prepare our fields for rain is to exemplify faith that God would send the rain... IN HIS TIME. 
I got done at 9:00 Saturday night, one hour later it started to rain. And it rained... and it rained.

In what area of your life do you need to prepare for rain? Are your fields ready? As Grandpa always used to say... “it’s not gonna grow in the bin!” God’s timing is perfect. He could have sent the rain last year. He could have sent it a month ago. But He sent it in His time... and God knows what He’s doing. 

We still need rain. Most of the dams are still very low. But... look what’s growing in our fields this year...😊

Don’t miss out on life because a lack of Faith in a Faithful God. It’s a lesson I’m learning with each passing day.

Rachel Reinhold