Summer staff support campaign



In 1979, Tige and Vicky Reinhold and family founded the Rainbow Bible Ranch. Their example has been an inspiration to many.

As Rainbow Bible Ranch enters it's fortieth year of ministry, we thought it would would be fitting to honor Tige and Vicky's life and memory by building up a program to help our summer staff with their financial needs.


“From the Heart”

Over the past years, we have awarded to various coworkers the Tige and Vicky Award along with the Lonetree award. These monetary gifts were tokens of appreciation to young people that have given so much of themselves to enhance the ministry and outreach of RBR. Today, I would like to encourage our family, friends and the many that have been impacted by the ministry of Rainbow and the lives of these two very special people. Would you prayerfully consider donating to this program to enable our future staff to work diligently without concern for financial shortfalls?

 WE WILL PLACE A SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON THIS FUND-RAISING EFFORT FROM MID FEBRUARY TO THE MIDDLE OF MARCH. All money received at the Valentine Banquet an the Hunter’s Harvest Buffet will enhance the fund as well. Please consider what God would have you do.