Men's Day 2017

by Larry B. Reinhold

You find it so dark in the shadows
of the bright new day
Standing at the doorway
do you go in or run away
You have learned and have no answers along life's dusty road
You have packed all the important stuff
and now are trapped beneath the load.
All the new beginnings have been given to someone to boot
The helping hand is slippery
and is a shallow root.
You're as free as the wind
till the storm has blown you around.
You are ready to bask in the sun's warm rays, but it too has gone down.
What is truth;
Can one color, stretch or twist?
Can it only be half there
and the other part be missed.
Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"
This is something you should claim and live, I know it works for me. 

Let Christ capture your heart and you shall be set free.