THE WIND IN OUR SIGHT by Larry Reinhold No one has seen the wind you declare,
but the force has sure been felt,
Upon the vast Plains it tirelessly leaves its tracks upon the grass And when the winter solstice has shortened the days to half The wind drives and decorates the snow in its relentless ongoing pass.
No one has seen the breeze you say
and probably you are right.
But God Almighty enjoyed Himself as He placed feet under the wind
And put breath into its nostrils
and sinew in its legs
and a heart of inspiration
Many have marveled to see
this creature dash with hardly an effort to lend.
No one has seen the wind you say
and yet what is that which has appeared. The wind is an element to reckon with
and every direction it does blow.
But the pronghorn antelope
is master of the plains
with speed to catch the horizon
He sets his mind and determines his pace and then the wind on hooves does flow.

No one has seen the wind and now,
too your mind has changed.
For now you have seen the arrow of God with a coat of gold and white
From amongst the sage
and the wheat grasses
on the plains that is topped with sky
You now join with us prairie folk in our pleasure of the wind that is in our sight.