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Expectations (1987)

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It’s Christmas Eve around the world,

Love and joy everywhere does abound;

Little children now are heading to bed,

But will be listening for a special sound.

Photo - Voreta (Vicky) Reinhold with grandson Caleb in 2003

Their eyes are gazing into the starry night,

Looking for Santa and his reindeer;

Their ears are listening oh so hard

For sleigh bells that will bring them cheer.


They fall asleep at long last,

This fantasy will waken them at dawn.

The gifts will be laden under the tree

And Santa supposedly came and now is gone.


How oft’ have we told these young ones

Of a far and a greater love.

The love or our dear Lord Jesus,

Who came down from Heaven above.


He came in the form of a baby;

The perfect Son of God was He.

He died on the cross for your sins and mine.

He paid sins debt for you and me.


Those who have accepted this Christ child

And have given Him first place in their heart;

He comes in and dwells there forever,

With a promise to never depart.


Now my eyes gaze into the starry night.

I’m watching for His appearance in the sky.

I’m listening for the sound of the trumpet,

Knowing He will come by and by.


I too, now fall asleep at last,

Dreaming of that eternal shore.

A trumpet blast, a look to the sky.

Ah, I’m home at last forever more!

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