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Today... I missed you Grandpa

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I missed you, Grandpa.
I missed helping you into the house for dinner.
Today. I missed telling you that we got a new calf! And seeing how excited you were to hear that it was doing well!
Today... I missed you getting to the table and looking into my eyes, squeezing my hand and saying “Happy Birthday! I sure love you!”
Today. I missed You praying… “We Thank You Dear Lord…”

I missed you saying… “I wasn’t able to get you anything"…and then “Here” and handing me a five dollar bill.
Today… I missed having you at Bible Study.
I missed you driving your golf cart.
I missed your big hands and your big mittens.
Today. I missed the sparkle in your eyes.

Today…....I had tears in my eyes…because I missed You.

Today… I rejoiced for you.

I think about you everyday, Grandpa. To be honest…I don’t know if I have let myself accept the fact that you are not really here anymore. When I think about that day in June... I feel numb. I don’t really like going to your house. It is lonely. It is not right. Everything that I do makes me think of you. I fall asleep thinking about you. I dream about you.
I miss your cookies… I miss your laugh… I miss you singing…
I miss you so much!!!
Thank You for everything Grandpa. You taught me more then you will ever know. And I will forever…cherish the memories. “Have I told you lately that I love you?” ..."well… I’m telling you now."

Left picture- 1996. Right- November 25, 2014 Written by Rachel on her Birthday

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