Kalynn Scoular writes...

Camp was Great! A very tired, sun and wind beat cowgirl said on Friday Night. Her favorite part...to many to tell! Her highlight of course was riding horses, going for trail ride and helping in the kitchen fix rhubarb cake.
Thank you to Rainbow Bible Ranch and all the fantastic staff who go above and beyond to patiently work with our kids. Precious memories made and hearts are being molded!

Little sister also got a taste of Rainbow Bible Ranch rodeo. A fast ride with Mr. Larry where she jumped with help to run towards the goat! She snatched that ribbon off the goat in great fashion.

Nikki Terry writes...

We brought Izzy home from camp last night. She was one tired, slightly sunburned, mosquito-eaten, dirty but extremely happy little girl!
And those two girlies on the fence? Patiently waiting for Mr. Larry to come give them their turn at goat chasing!

Theresa Reed writes...

Had such a great time watching two of my nieces, visiting from Texas, at their rodeo- after a week of camp at Rainbow Bible Ranch! Some of my favorite childhood memories are from this amazing camp...., Riding horses, swimming in the pond, sleeping outside, camp friends ! Thank you RBR for all the great memories and for keeping those memories alive for generations to come! — feeling happy at Rainbow Bible Ranch

Shawna Roghair writes...

NOTE - Shauna wrote this after our Friday Nite Closing Program on June 28

That is a bunch of kids belting out a song of praise to our God and a woman with a precious gift of music, compassion and selfless love coercing the tune from the keys.

And the crew in red shirts? Beginning with the adults down to the youngest? A group of dedicated believers that have heeded the call to serve Christ in this capacity and desire to reach kids with the Gospel. I know they don’t desire commendation, I know they would say all the glory is and what they do is FTK (For the Kingdom).

That said, let me just say this. I saw in the faces of those kids the stories of where their families have come from. I saw stories that could bring a person to their knees and stories of redemption and exaltation of the God they chose to serve. What I also see every time I attend Rainbow is hope, love, submission, compassion and a burning desire to uphold all for the sake of the cross. I come away filled and encouraged and, I pray, so do those kids, along with hope in oftentimes difficult environments.

Thank you. Thank you for not faltering, for rising to the call, for welcoming and loving even when your heart may not be in it. Thank you for letting Jesus full you and letting us partake of the overflow.

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Emilie J. writes...

Hi! I just want to share with you all: I was singing lullabies to Liam and I was trying to think of some new ones that had more depth and meaning than “Twinkle Twinkle”. I remembered “Riding the Storm” which has always been my favorite theme. Now I sing him a Rainbow theme song every night and I love that he falls asleep hearing the words of praise, courage, and peace. Praying for you all as another summer starts. I have a bracelet that I got as a nurse that says “it’s a beautiful day for saving lives”. I feel that that message applies so well to the work God does through you on a daily basis as well.

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Justin and Bethany J write...

Two and a half weeks until Emma's first time at camp! She's so excited and we're excited for her! The other four will all be attending this summer as well. Rainbow Bible Ranch is in it's 40th year of ministry sharing God's word through His creation. Our kids are happy to tell you all about it, why they love it, and why they work so hard to pay their way. Eternal investments and life long lessons are well worth it!

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Bob Y. writes...

If you have a son or daughter, grandchild, or young family friend that you wish to enrich their life, consider giving them a wonderful opportunity and experience by signing them up for a camp session at Rainbow Bible Ranch. A unique Christian Camp with "Ranch Values", and teachings of the Bible, but also horsemanship, gardening, stewardship, and fellowship, packed full of experiences, swimming, fishing, softball, etc, not to mention great food. Wish I was young enough to go.

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April M. writes...

….my brothers and I used to go there every year when we were kids the last time we went was back in 1989!!!!! We always had a blast there, I really wish I can send my kids there but we live all the way in NC!!!!! But i would recommend the rainbow bible ranch to anyone!!!!!! Love and miss all you guys

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Tom & Cindy D. write...

The snow continues to fall this morning…but summer is coming & the kids are getting excited for camp! We’ll keep you all in our prayers as you prepare and plan.

Jerry & Linda P. write...

Enclosed is a check… to be used wherever it is most needed. Thank you for your updates throughout the year. May God continue to bless each of your family, staff and campers. Thank you too, for your perseverance and faithfulness.
Together with you in Christ

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Rebecca S. writes...

Looking for a life changing camp experience for your child? Check out Rainbow Bible Ranch. Katie Schultz was transformed by her first summer there in elementary school and has been going back every year since. She will again be on staff this summer and there’s no place she’d rather be.

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