Molly Ann S. writes...

One of the best things my parents ever did for me as a kid was send me to Rainbow Bible Ranch! It was there, at the age of 9 when I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Although I didn't walk with Him for the following 10 years, the time I had at camp laid a foundation for me for the years to come. <3

Building long-time friendships, learning God's word, and getting the opportunity for a "city kid" to learn about hard work and grit are just some of the things I'm so thankful for. Not to mention being around the Larry Robin Reinhold family who are incredible, faithful people who showed me a great example of God's picture of family and togetherness! 

23 years later I sing some of the songs I remember from camp to my sweet Stella. I wish she could stay my baby forever, but I get excited to see what God will do for her heart when she attends camp in a few years! 

Camps do cost money, but I know THIS camp is an investment that can have an incredible return! Spots do fill up, so if it doesn't work this year to send your kiddos, start planning and saving for next year!