Shawna Roghair writes...

NOTE - Shauna wrote this after our Friday Nite Closing Program on June 28

That is a bunch of kids belting out a song of praise to our God and a woman with a precious gift of music, compassion and selfless love coercing the tune from the keys.

And the crew in red shirts? Beginning with the adults down to the youngest? A group of dedicated believers that have heeded the call to serve Christ in this capacity and desire to reach kids with the Gospel. I know they don’t desire commendation, I know they would say all the glory is and what they do is FTK (For the Kingdom).

That said, let me just say this. I saw in the faces of those kids the stories of where their families have come from. I saw stories that could bring a person to their knees and stories of redemption and exaltation of the God they chose to serve. What I also see every time I attend Rainbow is hope, love, submission, compassion and a burning desire to uphold all for the sake of the cross. I come away filled and encouraged and, I pray, so do those kids, along with hope in oftentimes difficult environments.

Thank you. Thank you for not faltering, for rising to the call, for welcoming and loving even when your heart may not be in it. Thank you for letting Jesus full you and letting us partake of the overflow.

Larry ReinholdComment