LISTEN TO THE BBC ON YOUR FARM (SOUTH DAKOTA) Sybil Ruscoe travels to Lone Tree Ranch and meets Larry and Robin Reinhold and their six children Rachel, Molly, Danny, Caleb, Julia and Kiersten. The Reinholds rear cattle and horses on 4,000 acres of prairie in South Dakota and run a summer camp called �Rainbow Bible Ranch� where children from all over the United States learn how to ride, ranch and pray. When the October blizzard �Storm Atlas� hit, the family lost 91 horses including some of their best saddle quarter horses - trained especially for young children to ride. Larry and Sybil take in the views from the highest point of the ranch, where golden eagles soar overhead, and find some historic clues to its previous occupants - members of the Lakota Sioux Native American tribe. Back at the homestead, Sybil asks the children what its like to grow up, go to school and work on the family ranch, before heading into the corral to meet some of Lone Tree�s incredible survivors - the horses themselves. Produced in South Dakota by Anna Jones and presented by Sybil Ruscoe.

Rainbow Bible Ranch