November 28, 2017 – By #Guest Writer - Chelsea Hulstein

Rainbow to me was always like a second family. I never felt out of place but like I belonged to a great family of believers. Working there it was easy to live out my faith and once I left and grew up I found it harder and harder. I always wondered what I was designed for because I never had a big struggle or devastating moment that pushed me to my knees. 


That changed the most when my husband and I decided to start a family. It was not as easy as I thought and we went thru many years of infertility. Those years I was brought to my knees and had to let go of my pride and let God take over. It was hard and it’s still hard sometime. I began devotionals and began writing down all the verses that spoke to me directly and hung them around my house. As things started falling into place they still weren’t easy and we ended up doing 2 rounds of IVF with miracle after miracle, doctors all the could say is we don’t know how this happened. But I know exactly how it happened, Gods hand was there. I am not sure if I would have known where to turn or what to do next if my family and Rainbow hadn’t taught me about the one true God! I am thankful every day! I always say to everyone that this was our journey to bring us closer to God and he’s not finished yet. This past March we witnessed another miracle and loss all at the same time. We were expecting our third child but I lost the baby at 7 weeks. Now we have a little angel baby in heaven. That devastated me and was hard on our family but so many Christ followers who heard my story said, don’t worry God had something big planned and I agree 🙂 our family isn’t finished yet and I can’t wait to see where God takes us. Thank you Larry Robin Reinhold for instilling in us the importance of trusting our God and getting closer to him.

Rainbow Bible Ranch