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   The Reinhold Family welcomes you to Rainbow Bible Ranch. This biblically based youth camp is located on a working cattle and horse ranch in Meade County, South Dakota near the town of Sturgis. The Black Hills provide for the western horizon. 
    Kids from the ages of 6 through 18 are able to enjoy riding horses and herding cattle. One can participate in a western rodeo, sing around the campfire under the vast starry sky, swim in the old swimmin’ hole, chase frogs, learn how to use a rope, ride the zipline, teach a baby colt to lead, explore the wonders of God’s creation, perform in a skit at the talent show….and don't forget the camping, excellent fishing and the opportunity to improve your riflery skills. 
 Rainbow Bible Ranch is a wonderful place to grow in your walk with Jesus. We are certain that God will bless you and you will grow in grace at Rainbow Bible Ranch.
              Larry and Robin Reinhold

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Rainbow Bible Ranch: Sharing a love of God, family and agriculture with youth by Heather Hamilton-Maude
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RBR is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation. 

Correspondence  may be sent to:
Rainbow Bible Ranch
14676 Lonetree Rd.
Sturgis, South Dakota 57785
Phone (605)923-6056

From Rapid City, take Exit 61 (Elk Vale Road). Go seventeen miles north.Turn right (east) at
Lonetree Road.
From Sturgis: Go East on Hwy. 34, three miles out of Sturgis. Turn right on the Alkali Road. Go east until you come to Elk Vale Road (about sixteen miles). Turn right (south) on Elk Vale Road and go seven miles. Turn left (east) at Lonetree Road.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; 
they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

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The Reinhold Family welcomes you to Rainbow Bible Ranch.

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TASTE OF THE WEST -  Blog entry by Kendra Paulton about Rainbow Bible Ranch 

Recovering from the Fury of Atlas 
by Renae B. Vander Schaaf
from the 
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From Eszti's Blog... Eszti's family operates our "sister camp" The Morning Star Ranch in Hungary. 

South Dakota staggers under early blizzard

Record-breaking storm buries cattle and horses under several feet of snow


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Bible ranch loses 90 horses in blizzard Article and photo by Deb Holland - Meade County Times- Tribune

Rainbow Bible Ranch owners rebuild herd for summer 2014 by Alexa Block on KOTA Territory News.

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Sybil Ruscoe travels to Lone Tree Ranch and meets Larry and Robin Reinhold and their six children Rachel, Molly, Danny, Caleb, Julia and Kiersten. The Reinholds rear cattle and horses on 4,000 acres of prairie in South Dakota and run a summer camp called 'Rainbow Bible Ranch' where children from all over the United States learn how to ride, ranch and pray. When the October blizzard 'Storm Atlas' hit, the family lost 91 horses including some of their best saddle quarter horses - trained especially for young children to ride. Larry and Sybil take in the views from the highest point of the ranch, where golden eagles soar overhead, and find some historic clues to its previous occupants - members of the Lakota Sioux Native American tribe. Back at the homestead, Sybil asks the children what its like to grow up, go to school and work on the family ranch, before heading into the corral to meet some of Lone Tree's incredible survivors - the horses themselves. Produced in South Dakota by Anna Jones and presented by Sybil Ruscoe.
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JANUARY 6, 2013

We have been blessed by so many... As we go into 2014, there is no doubt that the road to recovery, after the Storm Atlas, seems long and somewhat arduous. But God is faithful and His people are rising up to assist Rainbow Bible Ranch and our family as we press on. Today, we looked at a report of the many that have written a note to encourage and contributed to the restoration process since Octobe...r 2013. We will continue to "Just Trust" and for now we want to express a heartfelt thank you to people from the following locales that have joined together in the rebuilding...South Dakota, Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Texas, North Dakota, California, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Utah, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Hungary and Great Britain.

Rainbow Ranch Olympics  
You will remember today.
You will remember how you lost your voice while yelling and encouraging.

You will remember how your team prayed for Strength, and Endurance. And that you would give all the Glory to God.
You will remember how your arms grew numb from fighting in Tug-of-War. How you pushed yourself and your teammates to go 




March 4, 2014

I have been labeled by some as a skeptic. Knowing that, I have given some serious thought to the possibility and will share with you the following observation. The skeptic’s weapon is the question… my weapon of choice is an answer. The skeptic may continue to strike back in rebellion. I choose to remain firm within the fortress upon the solid foundation. The skeptic may seem to be the one that takes the offensive, while it may appear that I have retreated into uncertainty. The skeptic is not necessarily seeking resolve, but rather may be fighting an inward battle and the turmoil cannot be contained within oneself. As I seek the truth, my aspiration is not founded merely in the question, but my objective is the answer, founded in truth. The skeptic does not seek the simple answer but often is on a course to malign anything that he does not desire to accept… even if it is the truth.

My “critical thinking” has one intention and that is to be aligned with that of the Almighty. The skeptic will say that is mere faith, to which the answer is simply, “exactly”. For you see that God stated that faith is part of the sum total of the answer rather than a reason to continually question.

I may appear deceived to the skeptic… but I am not the first. To the world Jesus was a fool and to many He still is. They raise the question… I rest in the answer.

As we begin March which is supposed to usher in spring, we are still reeling with below normal temperatures. It has been a long winter in the United States, but for our area, it has even been longer when one realizes that we were bombarded with the devastating blizzard of October 2013. Your prayers, support and financial contributions have been enormously appreciated and necessary. This has been an overwhelming year in many instances and yet we are reminded daily of the how the attributes of God are exemplified in our daily walk. He truly sustains us.

The last two weekends, we have had the privilege of being on the road as we enjoyed fellowship with some local congregations in Murdo, South Dakota and Newcastle, Wyoming. It is certainly a blessing to be able to gather with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

And funerals as well… there seem to have been so many this winter. I was encouraged as I stood on a hill near Fairpoint, South Dakota. The cemetery was covered with snow and the wind was blowing the cold right through us. The dear family realized as Pastor Delbridge stated, “This isn’t the end”.  A relative came over to me after the Amen was pronounced and with a big hug said, “This is sure a lot easier as a Christian!

I pray each of you is resting in that hope. We have much to do as we carry the Gospel of Christ to our families, communities, nation and around the world. We are excited that so many have joined us in the Ministry of Jesus Christ at Rainbow Bible Ranch. May we ever be faithful.

With All Confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director


February 13, 2014  

 “I press toward the mark for the prize of high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus” happens to be one of my favorites. This truly should be a goal as a Christ Follower.

It is a pleasure to be in the race with you. Your prayers and support have been appreciated and essential at this time in the ministry of God through Rainbow Bible Ranch. We are seeing God do amazing things through his people. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has touched countless lives. May we remain faithful.

This past week or two was certainly eventful. Rainbow Bible Ranch completed a third year of outreach during the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City. This event brings over 300,000 people to enjoy cattle shows, rodeos, horse sales and much more, including great fellowship with “neighbors” far and near. Our fellowship room provided for opportunity to talk about more than just the weather. And the daily presence allowed for meeting many people to visit with and encourage with Godly influence. The family, along with Derek and Levi Anderson, came home tired but fulfilled. We also had a great time with the Stock Show Reunion Fellowship. It was a pleasure to work with John and Sue, Jim and Joni, Lynn and Cindy, Shiloh and Tyson along with Ben and Wyatt. Pastor Brandt gave a great message. Thank you to so many that participated in financing the outreach.

The big news on the home front... God provided through the sale and generous donors at least fourteen horses for the Rebuilding of the Remuda just in the last two weeks. Your contributions are helping fill the void that was created during the Storm Atlas. In fact, we are about halfway on our goal for saddle horse this summer.

Along that same line... We are hugely excited about the Dakota Horse Challenge. This training program will put 40 head of Lonetree and Rainbow horses under 20 trainers. This three month long training period will then end in a finale as a competition here at the ranch on June 21, 2014. There is prize money set aside for the top seven placers and twenty of the forty head will then be chosen to come back to the ranch where they will continue to be ridden by capable staff and family members. After another three to four years these horses will hopefully be acceptable for the camp string of RBR.

All said and done, as we assumed, good saddle horses are valued at $5,000.00 to $10,000.00, whether purchased outright or brought up through the ranks. And yet that does not include all the riding by our wranglers to test each horse of its capability with some very important people... our kids that attend camp.

On February 14th is our Annual Valentine Banquet. We are excited! Dan and Kathy Simpson will be sharing their story with us and I am certain that all will be blessed. And then on March 14th is our Annual Hunter’s Harvest Buffet. This game feed is amazing with some exquisite food prepared, with some fun prizes going to the winners. Our speaker that evening is Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers of Kansas. This will be a great night of ministry and fellowship.

Continue to pray for RBR as we will be extremely busy this spring and summer. The October Blizzard was not in the schedule and there is much to be done as the ranch took a beating in many other ways than just livestock loss. Tremendous amount of time was lost on accomplishing fall projects. Fences and trees took a hit. And we have some infrastructure such as dams, roads and crossings that need serious attention. The Nehemiah Project has some unfinished business as well.

We are gearing up for camp. We are seeing a phenomenal staff come together under the guidance of the Lord. Pray for the aching hearts due to loss of loved ones. Pray for our neighbors that are still adjusting to the effects of a once in a lifetime storm. Pray that God’s people will be sensitive to the leading of the Lord as He directs how each one of us shall be in involved in the ongoing ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch.  

In Christ’s Service,
Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director


January 21, 2014

Overwhelmed… There have been times in my life that I have experienced this, when I have found myself insufficient to handle what has come my way. “Life can do that.”

Overwhelmed… There have been times in my life that I have experienced this, when I have found myself … and God is so sufficient and efficient. “God can do that.”

With all summed up, we have been amazed at the response and concern of many. I was talking to a rancher friend just a few nights ago. Their community was on the outskirts of the October 2013 blizzard and he was calling to get a first hand update of where we were at and what the needs would be. He said, “God will provide and sometimes He uses people.” 

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful." We have been amazed at the peace that has been imparted to  us. Certainly we have questions… But there are answers. Certainly we find ourselves tired at times…but there is rest. Certainly the future looks challenging… but we know Who holds the future. And certainly the trail ahead looks rough…but we do not walk alone.

Each day folks like you amaze us with your desire to help. I have done much praying and pondering. And I am convinced that we do not need to live our life defeated or in want. God has provided the victory and He knows our needs. He just wants us to be dependent upon His faithfulness. Not in a leverage sort of way, but rather out of appreciation and love. For when we receive His abundance in that mindset, our hearts will find it impossible to contain His love and it will overflow to the world around us. And our relationship with The Almighty will grow in love as well as admiration and desire.

In Christ’s Service,

Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director



January 8, 2014

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus; look full in His wonderful face. 
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

The Christmas decorations are put away and nearly all the calendars have been changed.  It would seem that 2013 should be a willing distant memory… but the situation finds us rather in somewhat of a hole. We descended by means of a ladder, and that will be the means to the way out of the hole as well. Each rung of the ladder proved to be a step to our destination, and now each rung will prove to be a step up to a brand new day. We will say… “It seems as if we have been here” and truth is, yes we have. We do have choices. The hole that we have found ourselves in may seem as a grave. We can accept the depression of the grave, and with each scoop of dirt pitched in to fill the grave, we will be constrained even more. But it is only when we realize that the grave is for the dead and we cry out in life, that help will be extended and the ladder will prove to be deliverance rather than the instrument of defeat. Or another viewpoint is this hole that we have made residence in is no more than a rut. We may be content with the direction that it leads, but really a rut is not much more than a grave with the ends knocked out. Again, we have the choice of climbing out and realizing that the path may not be leading even close to where we should be, and now we are free from the confines of that rut to seek the proper path.
However, we may also realize that we have been asked to abide into that void to make something better. Holes in the ground have proven to be great places for pipelines that in turn bring us the convenience of pure water or energy. Consider that the greatest buildings that reach into the sky started as holes in the ground to which foundations were established for something great. Consider that holes in the ground have become tunnels for roads, for railways, for subways and have proven to be great opportunities to “obstructions.”

We can allow for this void to become an abyss of residence or we can receive it as a valley where the channels of blessings flow. That is what we have chosen to do as the Reinhold family of Rainbow Bible Ranch on the Lonetree. And God is faithful. To be quite frank, we have been overwhelmed by His faithfulness. Are we on the edge of something great that is about to happen? The answer is a resounding “no!”  We find ourselves in the middle of it--a drama that we could not and probably would not have fathomed.  

The Cattleman’s Blizzard of October 2013 known as Atlas has not only been etched into our memory, it has challenged and changed our very being. We will never be the same again. And we see the events of the past three to four months as described above as the means to be a pipeline of God’s blessings. Obstructions have been penetrated.  Foundations have been laid for the unfathomable.

I love the old song that is printed above…Let us sing that together daily no matter how far apart we may be. God is doing amazing things!

In Christ,
Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director

December 23, 2013  

This year-end letter is written after a season of challenge. I had hoped that my first letter after camp would be primarily updating you of the joys of the wonderful summer of ministry. For that is certainly what took place. Our theme of “Just Trust” proved to be very timely and affirming. In a world of uncertainty, I thoroughly enjoyed reminding numerous children and teens, along with their families from 19 states, of the blessings of “letting go and letting God”.  And equally exciting was the response of many kids as they realized that in order to be able to benefit from trusting the Almighty... there must be a first time of trust. Many lives were changed as they received the salvation of Christ.  

And again, I am amazed and grateful to our Lord for my family and staff. What dedication and servanthood. I was also overwhelmed by the provision of the many that are part of the team of contributors and supporters. We were able to take on some worthy projects and up until this fall, the financial status looked strong. Then came October 4th.  

A new chapter was written on that autumn day when Western Dakota experienced one of the most horrendous blizzards on record. The winter Storm Atlas roared through, leaving a path of devastation. Rainbow Bible Ranch and the Lonetree Ranch experienced heart-wrenching loss and destruction.

Three days prior to the storm, we experienced 85 degree weather, and then we had 1.5 inches of rain followed by 30 inches of snow, driven by 70 mile per hour winds. What our family experienced and saw after it let up will be in our minds and hearts for as long as we live. Death and debris was nearly everywhere. It appeared that the trees were hit by a tornado. Ten-foot snow drifts in the yard with drifts deeper than 15 feet in the breaks were unbelievable. Power lines were down and phone and internet service was nonexistent. With the ground being warm, the snow began to melt beneath the drifts and then we had more rain, only to cause flooding that we had not ever experienced before at this time of year. The damage on our Big Dam is considerable and certainly must be addressed.  

We lost cattle that would add to the number of tens of thousands lost in our area. And yet that is not what put the Reinhold family and the ranching and camping enterprises in the headlines around the world. It was the fact that we lost over 90 head of horses in the blizzard. The death loss was disheartening and what even made for more alarming news is that Rainbow Bible Ranch lost nearly 75% of the camp string of horses, the cornerstone of our riding program.

Someone once wrote, “When we think of those companions who traveled by our side down life's road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say with gentle gratitude that they once were with us.”  

And then there were the unexpected home-goings of family and friends in this same season. Colin, a thirteen-year-old cousin that was killed in bicycle auto accident, was so saddening; and then the devastating news that came to us during a Legacy III Bible study when we heard the nearly overwhelming news of one of own, Brandon Delzer, being killed in a pickup wreck. We were so looking forward to having Brandon as part of our staff this summer.  

But one of the most disturbing bits of news that came to our attention was when we were asked if there would be camp this summer. Would Rainbow Bible Ranch continue…?  

Truthfully, we have never had a doubt that we would be in operation during the summer of 2014. After all ... “Just Trust” is more than a theme. And you cannot preach it all summer and ignore the principle in the midst of opportunity to prove the principle.  

There are tears in our home nearly every day; however, we are confident that God and His people will provide. We know that we cannot do it by ourselves.  

Please pray for the hurting families that surround us. Please pray for restoration. Please consider what God would have you do as so many of you have done over the years to ensure that Rainbow Bible Ranch finishes the year financially strong and that we go into the 2014 season restored.  

We know that our horses cannot be replaced but we will rebuild upon the foundation that has been so much of the reputation that has been sustained for nearly 35 years.  

And we will hold to the truth of Isaiah 40:31... “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.”  

And we ask you to join us as we go together with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and “Just Trust”.  

Extending To You And Yours A Very Merry Christmas, 

Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director


December 10, 2013

I have the opportunity to speak to a group in Sturgis today and my theme will be simply, “We have been here before”. I was invited to share with this group before the horrendous storm Atlas left its devastating wake across western South Dakota. But the events of the last two months have prepped the stage in a way that no one could have conceived in their wildest imagination.

I realize that many have gone through tumultuous seasons of  life. And yet many are spared the agony of the lead roles in the drama of tragedy and devastating “incidents”. When the Bible calls for us to consider it all joy when we fall into various trials (James 1:2), many of us cringe at the thought of these experiences. The Bible also speaks of the refiner’s fire as when one enters the intense heat and endures... they will come through shining as gold (Job 23:10).  Purity and excellence may be attained. And in the case of some materials, the result is not glimmer, but rather as the blacksmith through fire, hammer and anvil, one is seasoned to be stronger than ever thought possible, thus preparing one for service that is beyond ourselves.

We have been here before, and by God’s grace and His sustaining power, we, as those whose legacy precedes us, press on, realizing that it is not our capability that sustains us, but rather the hand of the Almighty. We have now the opportunity to give credit to our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are pondering the fact that you most often flee the stage that has been presented to you.  Maybe you choose another platform that will ultimately leave you short due to failure to suspend “your ownership of destiny” as you continue to attempt to master your fate. But may I challenge you to stay on the stage where you can be an example of a life lived for Christ.

And yet many will say, “I have been through the mill and success has eluded me and failure has swallowed me up.” Or on the flip side...“I have achieved, so get out of my way because I am coming through.”  In either case you are correct in your assumptions, until you apply an eternal perspective. And then at death’s door you cry out, “Is this all there is?”  And again the answer is a resounding “yes”.  Hope in finite self is limited.

But again I say, since we have been here before and we look forward to this day at hand, we recognize genuine encouragement in the face of despair. We can take heart when all seems lost and we can echo the words of the hymn, “It is well with my soul.”

So whether it is storm or drought, death or disease, fire or flood, we know the One Who can take us through. And may we all look forward to the day when we stand before God Almighty and hear the words He speaks to us, “WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”.  

In Christ’s Service,

Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director



November 5, 2013




On October 4, 2013, a wild and ferocious storm settled in upon western South Dakota, leaving behind it devastation that will be felt for many years to come.  The cattle and sheep losses across the region are heart wrenching. And many good horses met their demise as well. Of the tens of thousands head of livestock lost...Rainbow Bible Ranch and the Lonetree lost 90 head of horses. Of this number, 21 head of RBR’s dependable saddle horses died. But as our theme for the summer camp season states, “JUST TRUST”.  So we press on for the Kingdom. 

Your financial assistance and prayer support this past month has been extremely encouraging. I would desire so very much to be able to communicate personally and verbally our heartfelt thanks...but to be honest, it is not possible. The storm has brought many trials that were not fathomed, even in the wildest dream. Please continue to pray that our Western South Dakota community will be strengthened and that many will experience the peace of God that passes all understanding. 

We will never replace the saddle horses that we lost in this storm known as “Atlas” but we will rebuild upon the foundation that we have enjoyed for so many years. And we do not lose hope, as the Cornerstone of the foundation is Christ. May He be glorified in all that takes place.

We have other challenges as well. The devastation is so apparent as the trees, landscape and other infrastructure have also taken a direct hit. It was as if a blizzard, a tornado and a flood joined forces to march across our region. We trust the Lord that He will “heal” these situations as well. 

Again, I must say a big thank you. Together, “For the Kingdom” we will not only stand but we will press on. And yes, pass the word...Rainbow Bible Ranch will move into its 35th season this next year.


Larry B. Reinhold
Executive Director


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