December 2015

Cofounder of Rainbow Bible Ranch Enters Glory

Storm Atlas Restoration Nearly Complete



Many Young People
Surrender Their Life to Christ

“RBR Summer Staff is OUTSTANDING”

Equine Program –
Phenomenal Progress After Devastating Loss

“Pathfinder Pie Auction
Shows Ongoing Support”

Building Projects Underway

Men’s Day Is a HUGE Success

What’s the Holdup


Often when I attempt to jump ahead to catch up, I end up falling short and land flat on my face. Honestly, I have started this letter numerous times, and the hindrance has not only been a busy schedule but more often a range of emotion.  I have so much to rejoice over!  Even in sorrow or fatigue… my heart is filled with joy.  I, along with family and staff, have claimed over and over the Scripture, “Be not weary in well doing, for in due season, you shall reap, if you faint not." (Galatians6:9)  On a number of occasions I have sung the words of the old hymn as a reminder: “Are you weary, are you heavy hearted? Tell it to Jesus…tell it to Jesus.”

Our year has been amazing! This letter may read like a series of headlines, which explains the first page. To outline this update seemed to be more than "just points" to cover, as they blared out events, circumstances and situations that came together to make an extraordinary year.

We are in the midst of enjoying some special holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year call for plenty of rejoicing, but this is the first year that we experiencing them without my Dad. Dad passed away at home on June 14th, 2015, right in the midst of a busy camp season.Tige Reinhold was a great man with a passion to serve the Lord. He was hugely responsible in the establishment of this great ministry that has reached so many youth and families over the years. After the tragic incident of the death of two sons over 35 years ago, he was not willing to sit idle. Rainbow Bible Ranch was established to share the Gospel in the setting of the family ranch. We miss his encouragement. We miss his Grandpa presence. He was so good in that role over the last years as he reached out to the many kids who attended camp. I had the extreme privilege of officiating at his funeral. As I looked at his coffin, I told the audience, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I would ask you to think outside the box…because my Dad is not in it.”  What confidence and joy that brings. I will say that I had to take to heart the words of the above mentioned hymn. Weary….Heavy hearted…Tell it to Jesus…and I have many times.

On to the next Headline…
There are few days that we are not reminded of the impact of Storm Atlas. However, the family and staff have taken the challenge head on and it has been amazing to observe the progress of not only recovery but improvement. Trees have been planted, fences and corrals have been rebuilt and repaired, infrastructure such as dams and trails have been restored. And we hope to add more gravel to the driveway yet this winter. I have an order in for more trees to plant in the spring of 2016 and we are in the process of planning to improve our overall water system for domestic use as well as irrigation of grounds and trees that have been planted. We have a shed that has been severely damaged over the last couple of years. We will remove it for safety reasons and replace it to serve not only its current purpose, but also to make it more useful in our summer horse program as well. Many drops of sweat have been dropped, but it is paying off.

It was nearly overwhelming, but early last spring we knew were in for a big season of camping at Rainbow Bible Ranch. After seeing steady increases the last couple of years following a downward turn, God rewarded our faithfulness. Our previous record was set at 423 kids. The 2015 season saw over 470 campers from 22 different states. It was so exciting! All of it, except certain weeks when we had to turn kids away. We are not good at that. There is still some room for more numbers, but only if we get the right ratios each week. We have discussed some building and remodeling plans that would allow us to insure that we could take as many as possible, but we never want to lose that quality time with individuals versus a race with numbers. As one friend put it, we want our future plans to build “deeper not wider”. Rainbow Bible Ranch will never be about how many beds we can add, but will always be about impacting those who will sleep in those beds after a long, fruitful day at camp.

It Was Thrilling to See Many Young People Surrender Their Lives to Christ!
Our theme for the 2015 season was “Stand Firm”. To stand firmly, one must first surrender to The Almighty. The RBR staff and family are blessed continually to participate in this experience with countless young people over the years. It is extremely heartwarming and rewarding as we realize the eternal and far reaching blessings of these decisions. To God be the Glory.

The RBR Staff…
What can I say, except God brought together individuals who combined their efforts to make a phenomenal team. The maturity and commitment was noticeable to many on the outside looking in. The campers not only found teachers and leaders, they also found lifetime friends. I cannot say thank you enough. And I must say a special thanks to Robin and my family.  In the midst of trials over the last couple of years….I am the most blessed. And we have been blessed with some who have given years and some who have extended their service beyond the summer months as well.

The Rainbow Remuda
In October 2013, due to the devastation of Storm Atlas, Rainbow Bible Ranch’s horse herd was nearly in shambles. Nearly 100 head of horses died here on this ranch alone. But in an amazing demonstration we experienced “God’s Plan, God’s People, and God’s Provision".  The restoration is nothing short of miraculous. I wish you could see and experience it. Many outstanding horses were purchased, and a few were donated. The Dakota Horse Challenge offered another group of well started horses. On one day this summer, we saddled and rode over 50 head of horses. They are in various stages of development, but we have plenty to afford a good riding experience for record breaking attendance such as this past year. All we can say is WOW.

Incredible Support Continues.
I have always liked the concept of contributions rather than donations. That may seem trivial.  I just like the fact that when one contributes…it seems more ongoing. Maybe it seems that they “have skin in the game”. Our Pathfinder Pie Auction demonstrated this well. Together we raised over $12,000.00 for special projects in one fun filled and blessed evening. This is still a small percentage of the actual operating costs. Remember, we have consistently charged less than half the actual costs to each camper that attends. But the Pie Auction money, along with gifts from memorials, provide for some of the extra things to make camp better. I am so grateful to those who contributed in this way.

Building Projects Underway
Over the last two years we have acquired some equipment that has added to the fun of camp. From the proceeds of previous pie auctions we procured 8 Kayaks, a boat, and a pontoon. We were able to purchase an order of really nice inner tubes for water and snow use. The list could go on. We are in desperate need for a storage area for this equipment. That is where we will be directing Auction funds to go to this winter. We have already started to assemble needed lumber. Earlier in this letter, I referred to another shed that we are rebuilding. We are also finishing the Cow Camp, Homestead, and Bunkhouse. Yes, there is a lot to do. We need to have good help to construct these projects. And we are pressing forward with plans to enhance our lodging to accommodate the highest number of kids possible each week. 

What is the Holdup?
Some of you are award that we moving the Fairpoint Church building to the ranch. This will provide for another avenue of outreach in the summer. We have the building…we want to put a basement with a bathroom in the project. This will take added finances and direction.  I believe we need to move forward on this project so that it will be ready for the 2016 season. Essential to all of these projects is the financing of materials and financing the right contractors and construction folks to enable us to do things in a right and proper manner.

Everything that we do “nearly” is full or running over.
That is a good problem…Right?  Our 2nd Annual Men’s Day was a huge success. We had 175 guys here in October for a fantastic day of serious ministry and fun. All were blessed. We had three hayrides in two weeks with a total of 180 people enjoying this age old activity. I have fun telling folks that I don’t use horses to pull the hayrack. I use a deer….John Deere, that is. We had our 21st Annual Birthday in the Barn Celebration the other night. It was a full house, or shall I say, a full barn. So many people commented on how they enjoyed it so much. We have some wonderful events planned for this winter and spring as well. Making plans for them now.

Why not? Jesus said, “Do not lay up for yourself treasures on earth...but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven.” (Matthew 6:19-20) I am asked continually by people (kids and adults) the question, “How much land do you own?” My favorite response is, “We have so much land…we had to pile it up in hills.” But seriously speaking, what do we have to our account? Or even more pointed considering Jesus’ statement, who is in charge of our account?

I would be amiss to close this yearend letter without expressing my gratitude to the many who have partnered together in contributing to the ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch. Whether we find ourselves on the frontline or behind the lines…Prayer, Action and Support are vital elements that extend the effectiveness of a ministry.

I am not a fundraiser. But I would encourage and welcome you to consider what God would have you do. Please pray and then act upon God’s leading. For The Kids…For The Kingdom.

In Christ’s Service,

Larry B. Reinhold

Executive Director

Larry Reinhold