Six months ago this evening, I nearly stepped on a rattle snake as I jumped out of our John Deere tractor. I wanted to finish planting a field of wheat before it started to rain. I did not accomplish that goal and as I unhitched the grain drill... the snake never moved. It just lay there coiled ever so tightly. I never once heard it give the characteristic rattle either. I used a pitchfork that Rachel had brought me to pick it up and again something quite peculiar... the rattler's tail was vibrating ever so fast and yet no sound. It was beginning to rain and it was time to head home. Twelve hours later, the rain turned to snow and together with the wind... A STORM was birthed. Our lives would be forever changed. Some call it Atlas, some call it the Cattleman's Blizzard and for many of us, it will ever be "The Storm". What was to ensue was a terrible loss and yet for those of us that have endured "The Storm" we have also realized something to gain. Certainly we do not take for granted anything or anyone. Perhaps our hearts ache more for others during painful times, but equally they rejoice as well. "We are tired". I have told many that were not in "The Storm" that they will never fathom what took place. I know that for certain, because most of us that were in the midst of "The Storm" still cannot fathom it yet. It is almost surreal. And yet, we see evidence continually that "The Storm" impacted us greatly. The Rattler in this story had the potential of being a silent killer of my own being that evening six months ago. And "The Storm" proved to be just that to many creatures across these vast hills and plains. And yet I survive and not only I. Today, I give testimony to ONE that is greater than any "Storm". And certainly God Almighty can sustain me. Storms of Life will happen. I am thankful that I know the ONE that can calm any tempest that comes our way. We have been challenged to keep in touch with so many of you. The somewhat frenzied pace that has been maintained since "The Storm" has not allowed us to promote camp for the upcoming season quite as well as we have desired. And yet our registration rate is ahead of last year. That is exciting to us. We have included a registration form for your convenience or please pass it on to someone else. Together, we may spread the good news of Jesus and Rainbow Bible Ranch. In closing, a Pastor friend of mine asked me how the Nehemiah Project is going. Truthfully, some is on track and some of the projects have been slowed to weather. But we are encouraged as well. Even with "The Storm", many good things are happening. We have a couple of major projects that we would like to see funded for the future as well. Please pray with us and consider what God would have you do in partnering with us at Rainbow Bible Ranch,

In Christ’s Service with You,

Larry B. Reinhold

Rainbow Bible Ranch Executive Director

Larry Reinhold