APRIL 2017

In two months we will be starting another season of camp. In 1980, we held just two camp sessions with a total of 27 children in attendance. We also did a family camp along with some retreats, but it was still a building year, by in large. 


In 2017, we will have around 500 children in attendance and yes it is still a building year. When one thinks of the nearly 40 years of outreach that has taken place with such a personal touch; it is nearly overwhelming and one recognizes how God has worked in a mighty way. 

So many have been a part of the ministry and I count myself very blessed to have been a part of it all these years. It is exciting to see that 2017 will most likely prove to be a milestone year as we have received 45% more registrations to date compared to last year. We have only so many beds and with that only so many staff to cover the bases, but we will do our best to reach as many as possible and to do so without cutting corners in the personal service that we offer each boy and girl that attends. We are also mindful of the fact that we must provide encouragement to all the families that are a part of the RBR setting. With that realization, we must continue to prove faithful in the calling that God has given us and to do so with all the passion that the calling of God deserves.

We will have a new outreach at the ranch this summer. We are in the process of moving an old country church to the premises. It is a labor of love that will prove to be a worthwhile project. This will not be just another building. The intent is to offer Sunday evening services throughout the summer. Good music and good Bible preaching will be the venue. Add to that the fellowship that the setting will provide for and we are convinced that lives will be touched and discipleship will be accomplished. A number of people have stepped up to help finance the initial moving and setting up. Please pray with us that this will bless many families beyond what we could ever imagine.

We have picked up the hammer and saw and are working on finishing some major projects last year. It is necessary to accomplish these as we want to use all our facilities to the maximum. RBR must not have any unused corners. To continue the personal attentions that we give, there is not a lot of room to expand. Bigger is not part of our calling right now, however we always strive to be better at what we share with the families that are part of RBR. Plus we cannot turn kids away just because we are short handed or not efficient.

Thank you to all that continue to support the ministry of RBR. We have received some gifts in memory of loved ones. I have always counted this honor. Thank you again.

Please pray for strength, wisdom and sensitivity to God’s call. And please pray for the provision of much needed moisture and financial resources so that our summer will be a huge blessing to all that come to the ranch. 

Larry Reinhold