I have been labeled by some as a skeptic. Knowing that, I have given some serious thought to the possibility and will share with you the following observation. The skeptic’s weapon is the question ... my weapon of choice is an answer. The skeptic may continue to strike back in rebellion. I choose to remain firm within the fortress upon the solid foundation. The skeptic may seem to be the one that takes the offensive, while it may appear that I have retreated into uncertainty. The skeptic is not necessarily seeking resolve, but rather may be fighting an inward battle and the turmoil cannot be contained within oneself. As I seek the truth, my aspiration is not founded merely in the question, but my objective is the answer, founded in truth. The skeptic does not seek the simple answer but often is on a course to malign anything that he does not desire to accept ... even if it is the truth. My "critical thinking" has one intention and that is to be aligned with that of the Almighty. The skeptic will say that is mere faith, to which the answer is simply, "exactly". For you see that God stated that faith is part of the sum total of the answer rather than a reason to continually question. I may appear deceived to the skeptic ... but I am not the first. To the world Jesus was a fool and to many He still is. They raise the question ... I rest in the answer. As we begin March which is supposed to usher in spring, we are still reeling with below normal temperatures. It has been a long winter in the United States, but for our area, it has even been longer when one realizes that we were bombarded with the devastating blizzard of October 2013. Your prayers, support and financial contributions have been enormously appreciated and necessary. This has been an overwhelming year in many instances and yet we are reminded daily of the how the attributes of God are exemplified in our daily walk. He truly sustains us. The last two weekends, we have had the privilege of being on the road as we enjoyed fellowship with some local congregations in Murdo, South Dakota and Newcastle, Wyoming. It is certainly a blessing to be able to gather with other brothers and sisters in Christ. And funerals as well ... there seem to have been so many this winter. I was encouraged as I stood on a hill near Fairpoint, South Dakota. The cemetery was covered with snow and the wind was blowing the cold right through us. The dear family realized as Pastor Delbridge stated, "This isn’t the end". A relative came over to me after the Amen was pronounced and with a big hug said, "This is sure a lot easier as a Christian!” I pray each of you is resting in that hope. We have much to do as we carry the Gospel of Christ to our families, communities, nation and around the world. We are excited that so many have joined us in the Ministry of Jesus Christ at Rainbow Bible Ranch. May we ever be faithful.

With All Confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Larry B. Reinhold

Executive Director

Larry Reinhold