I know that I will sound somewhat like a redneck when I say, “Git ‘er done!” However I phrase it, I realize how important you are to accomplishing the ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch. Together as a team, the outreach is not only continuing, but it is growing as well. Thank you for your prayers and support in doing so. 

I also feel that our redneck terminology may say quite well where we find ourselves today. The weather is changing… camp is still quite a long way down the road. Our special events are taking place and the logistics are coming together. But the projects… you know, the works in progress just need to get done. That takes time and finances, and sometimes it seems that we are just a little short.

We are excited that the basement is nearly completed for the chapel (Old Fairpoint Church). That will kick us into the next phase of moving, the front addition for the bathrooms, a steeple and just finish work. We look forward to holding Sunday Evening services throughout the summer and early fall months. There are few congregations that meet on Sunday evening and many people that do not fellowship regularly. We believe that we will offer an opportunity to people that may draw them to regular fellowship, Bible teaching and worship.

We have several buildings that need to be roofed yet and some concrete floors to be finished. The Cow Camp has taken a new look, and with a few finishing touches and furnishings, will be able to be utilized for another outreach that I will share with you later.

And camp work continues. Discipleship opportunities, community activity and involvement, and training horses are just a few things that keep us focused upon camp (past and present). Plus, we really need to do some upgrading. Our mattress situation in the dorms must be addressed along with some building issues in the dining room in need of repair.

I am ever mindful of summer staff needs. We need the best people possible and we need to be able to compensate them for their efforts. This summer RBR paid out in payroll to summer staff more than they raised in support. This is partly due to the individuals that we hired. We need capable people.

Thank you for all you do. We have determined not to raise our fees this next season. We do that in faith that God will provide. Will you join us in trusting Our Great Provider?

Larry Reinhold