It is the middle of October and we had a rainbow appear twice over the ranch in as many days. Certainly we appreciate the beauty, but being a part of the ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch, we are reminded continually of the blessings and promises of God. May each one of us realize the many and variable blessings that are of the Lord. I write this letter to thank you for your part in the ministry of RBR. Prayer and financial support allows those of us that are involved with the everyday activity of Rainbow to forge ahead in confidence that we are not alone. God’s work includes the working of God’s people as the Holy Spirit moves. And my, can we give testimony to that. We had a phenomenal summer of ministry. After The Storm of October, one year ago, one could only dream and trust that we would be made whole again. I tell people that we are "surely up and running ... but with just a little limp". Honestly, this is nothing short of a miracle. I do have a prayer request. My Dad, Tige Reinhold, ended up in the hospital about two and half weeks ago and is currently undergoing some physical therapy. He would love to be home. We would love to have him home where he belongs. Pray with us for wisdom and renewed strength for all. Dad is such a good man and I believe that he still has a place in the outreach here at the ranch. We have been busy with some much needed repair projects on infrastructure around the ranch. Fencing and dirtwork have been priorities. However, we have been more than blessed with opportunity for outreach. Legacy III is up and going each Wednesday evening with a great group of young people. In the last four weekends we have participated in an excellent missions conference at Carpenter, SD. We filled the pulpit at Wall Evangelical Free Bible Church three weeks ago. Two weeks ago we took in the Steer Missions Conference in Bismarck, and while in ND we were asked to speak and sing at a great church in Wilton, ND. Then yesterday the family sang and I filled in for Pastor Denzel at the First Presbyterian Church in our home town of Sturgis. To top off the weekend, we enjoyed a great day of fellowship as we hosted the First Annual Men’s Day organized with some good friends to encourage men in God’s way. We had 111 registered participants. We are also pleased that Derek Anderson, one of our fine coworkers, continues to fill pulpit on a regular basis. I see light in the eastern horizon, so I will close with a grateful heart to our Great God for good friends as you. Please let us know how we may pray with you. Come and see us. We have some hayrides scheduled for later this month and then, of course, our annual Pathfinder Pie Auction is coming up in November. In Christ,

Larry B. Reinhold

Rainbow Bible Ranch Executive Director

Larry Reinhold