It is 12:15 in the morning and I just returned from a most pleasant walk under a full moon. This would be the Harvest Moon as it is the full moon that dates closest to the Fall equinox this year. The weather forecast is calling for some unsettled weather in the next few days with the chance of frost and perhaps even snow showers. I am uneasy inside about that as it stirs up memories of last fall’s early fall storm that left such an indelible mark upon the family, the ranch and the community. But tonight, I am more caught up in the words of the song by C. Austin Miles, "And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own; And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known." I am certain that many of you have shared the same experience. Isn’t it amazing that we can communicate with God so readily? And tonight, I found myself praying so fervently and so confidently. This summer as I was on one of my walks through some of the new trees that we had planted, I prayed that they would survive. And then the Holy Spirit convicted me, "Why not pray more than that they survive, pray that they thrive." I did and I hurried home and shared it with my staff. I thought more and more of this concept in my life. What was holding me back from this challenge at times in the past? Perhaps in some trials, it seemed ‘test’ enough to just survive. But this past year proved thriving in the face of adversity was realistic. So why not continue to expect more for the sake of the kingdom? "Pray not to just survive, but to thrive" was driven home even more when a while later one of my daughters shared with me a new song that had come out this summer that stated those very words. I share this with you, because whether you realize it or not, God has worked through you and by your faithfulness in trusting Him. Your contribution, whether financially or prayerfully, has helped Rainbow Bible Ranch not just to survive this past year ... but to thrive as well. We experienced amazing things this summer with the nearly 400 young people that attended camp this summer. Our theme of "For the Kingdom" proved to be ideal as many commitments were made with exactly that in mind. We had a safe summer. For that we are overwhelmingly grateful. Our staff proved up to the test. And the rebuilding and recuperation after the October 2013 Storm continues and much has been accomplished. I will say it again ... "We are more than surviving, we are thriving." God is faithful and God’s people have and continue to be diligent.

Together ... For the Kingdom,

Larry B. Reinhold

Rainbow Bible Ranch Executive Director

Larry Reinhold