Last Friday evening on March 13, we were blessed as we enjoyed the Hunter�s Harvest Buffet with about 120 folks in attendance. This wild game feed is becoming quite popular with many. We had great food, great prizes and great fellowship. Our friend Harold Delbridge, a long time pastor in Meade County, shared a great message. He spoke of hunting and the relationships that could be developed in that setting. He did not limit his discussion of the importance of building relationships to outdoor activities, though. He finished by saying, "It is all about relationships and the most important one is that which may be had with Jesus Christ. " I most certainly agree. Harold and I would also agree that if one has a strong relationship with Christ, it will be pivotal in all others as well. Rainbow Bible Ranch and all that are involved realize that we have the opportunity to share that with thousands of young people and their families. I am also certain that each member of the family and staff anxiously await the privilege of sharing the good news of Jesus with many kids this summer in this wonderful ranch setting in Western South Dakota. I was talking to a young lady last evening at Legacy III in Rapid City. She is considering a position on staff at RBR this summer. I discussed with her the need to involve as many people in this ministry of the Lord�s as possible. And by far the majorities of these people pray and support by means of encouragement and materially. Not everyone is going to be on the "front line". However, that does not mean that they are not essential. Just observe any military maneuver or watch a sports team. We are just a little over two months away from our summer camp season. Our family and staff talk about the exciting and yet grueling pace that is kept. I am excited to say that staffing is coming together. Please pray for them that their needs will be met. What has been amazing is that we have not slowed down during our "off season". That has taken some toll, but due to circumstances and events of the last few years, we had many projects to address. Currently, in addition to our family, we have been working with Derek Anderson, Levi Anderson, and Caleb Clark. Jason Morris will also be assisting for some time as well. We are grateful that God has supplied so that we can have these capable people employed, thus allowing us to take on these much needed projects. Your prayers and support have been huge and we are grateful. Please know that we do not take you for granted. Our prayer is that you and your family will be blessed. These are exciting times! Thanks for being a part of them.

Larry Reinhold