“But if you would have fit in, you would have never stood out!"
Just a line from a cheesy Christmas movie that seems to keep coming back to me... 
But really. Every single day we try to fit in. Try to have the best pictures on Instagram. Try to not be that awkward person with an overloaded cart at Sam’s Club (that was me you saw yesterday). Try to be the cool kid and the "everyone else is doing it" kid and on and on it goes. Sometimes I think it gets better as you get older,and sometimes I think that we can be just as bad as anyone.
But what's the point? Is it really going to make you happier if you have 1 Million followers? If you actually look like you always have it all together? Like doing and saying the things all the other kids are is going to make your life better?        It's not, and it doesn't. 
I know. 
We have one life to live..."Why fit in...when you can stand out?"

Stand up when everyone else is caving in. Stand out when the crowd's running in.

 Don't give to the pressure of your peers. They'll eventually wish they had the courage you had.
Walk away when the devil lays his traps; no, RUN!
Run with all you have in the opposite direction. 
Be aware and alert in every situation. The hardest test comes when you least expect it. 

Fight. Fight like it's a matter of life and death for your family. In reality, it is just that.
Never forget who you are and where you came from. But most importantly,

Who you belong to and where you're going. 
And if you don't know the answer to the last declaration...

Please call me.  Life is too short to not know where you're going.

Rachel Reinhold