You tell me how every single woman in the audience can stand to their feet and clap their hands when President Trump talks about the all time high of woman in the workforce, and the record number of woman in congress... but then when he addresses the sex trafficking, and the crime and drugs that illegal immigrants are bringing to our country they act like it's not even an issue. Or how about protecting the unborn? Do not even tell me that's a woman's right and her choice. These woman in congress do not care about these so called "rights" they claim to be "fighting" for. They care about themselves. Selfish, ignorant, prideful woman. They are not striving for leadership, they are fighting for power. They put others down, only to elevate themselves.

How have we become so cold and heartless? How have we become so divided and broken? How have we come so far from truth?

Molly ReinholdComment