When I took my EMT training years ago, it was stressed that we were to act when the scene was secure and as safe as possible. Undue risk was not expected. Then the instructors reiterated their point by saying, "What good is a dead EMT or paramedic?" Granted many first responders have sacrificially given of their lives. Risk is certainly inherent. But the advice given to me years ago is still good advice. For me to help the most, I must proceed with wisdom. When I see that people cry for open borders, or that we take care of others far and wide over our family and neighbors and community, I wonder what the purpose is. It is not selfish to proceed with caution and care, neither do we show thoughtfulness when we approach a situation with reckless abandon. I have and will put myself on the line for humanity, but I desire to impact as many as possible for as long as i can. I believe this is what God has for me.

Larry ReinholdComment