This past Sunday, we were to head north to spend time with a congregation of friends in a small rural town on the plains of Dakota. That service was postponed due to weather. We look forward to rescheduling. These folks love the Lord and the testimony of this group of believers is known far and wide. Oh no… they are not “mega” in the sense of the word that we speak of churches today. But they are mega in their desire to serve the Lord in any way that He leads. RBR has made it a practice to not ask any group for financial support and all told there are just a handful of congregations that support financially on a regular basis. However, this group of Christ followers has chosen to join with us to advance the kingdom of Christ together. We have been encouraged numerous times by folks in this congregation to continue on and finish strong. What a joy it will be to share with them what God is doing at Rainbow Bible Ranch and also join together in fellowship. We know God is using this team effort to His glory.

We so appreciate each person that is part of the team of RBR. I want to thank you for your contribution to the ministry.

Larry ReinholdComment