Marvin "Tige" Reinhold

Marvin E. (Tige) Reinhold, 85, of rural Sturgis, went to be with the Lord at his home on the Lonetree Ranch on Sunday, June 14, 2015.

Tige was born on June 22, 1929, to Emanuel and Hazel (Jensen) Reinhold in Rapid City, South Dakota. He attended grade school at the Morse Creek School located on the ranch. He went on to attend Rapid City High School where he played football for Coach Cobb. He was unable to finish high school due to the need during the war to help on the family ranch in Meade County, South Dakota. Tige also attended a diesel mechanics course in Fargo, North Dakota.

Tige lived his entire life on the Lonetree Ranch which began as a homestead by his parents in the early 1900’s. He loved the land and took seriously his role as a steward of God and a caretaker of the soil, the grass and the livestock which grazed upon it. He was able to dream and worked on many conservation efforts on the ranch including the building of reservoirs upon the many draws coming out of the breaks on the ranch. He had the vision of building one rather large dam that has had a major impact on the ranch and camp.

He met the love of his life, Voreta (Vicky) Rae Bangert in 1955. Tige was doing youth meetings at Big Bend west of Rapid City and he needed a piano player. A local salesman, to whom Tige had loaned $300, told him of Vicky whom he had met at his store. The salesman skipped town with Tige’s money, but Tige did find a piano player. They were united in marriage on a very icy February 14, 1956. Vicky said that she would never marry a rancher, but Tige’s big smile and his love for the Lord changed that. And as history goes, they spent 48 years working together. Tige was a great husband.

Tige was a great Dad. He had a phenomenal work ethic. Many mornings, he would wake us kids in a jovial manner with the greeting, “Are you going to sleep all day?” The Reinhold kids loved Chore Time and summer, because we could work side by side with our parents. Dad was a gentle giant. His huge hands guided us in many projects and on few occasions they would “guide the rod of instruction on the backside” as well. But he poured himself out into his family. He enjoyed his Hereford Cattle and he loved good horses. Earliest memories include those of him training colts and also of training his children how to train horses and work cattle. He was always diligent in picking up a hoe and working in the garden with his family as well. This gratification was instilled into his children, too.

Tige could be the jack of all trades, as are many in farming and ranching, but what set him apart was his love. Tige was passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. Due to that, his love abounded for all that crossed his path.

God would continue to use Tige in his unique ways to demonstrate what He can do with ordinary people. In 1979 Tige and Vicky were present as two of their sons died in a drowning that the world thought as a tragedy. The family was shaken, but it was held firm to a foundation in Christ that had been built over the years in Tige and Vicky’s relationship. Together the family that remained forged ahead in the building of the Rainbow Bible Ranch. Tige and Vicky desired to share their life in reaching out to young people and their families. The family’s working ranch would serve as the stage, but it was the passion within people like Tige, that would impact others.

As Tige aged, he would still gain great delight in sharing with young people at camp. He eagerly attended Bible studies and events at Rainbow. At his table during meal time, he would get to know hundreds of kids. And in later years, even though he could not give rides on horseback, he loved giving rides on his golf cart as he drove around the ranch.

Tige became “Grandpa” to thousands of people. It seemed everywhere his children would go, people would ask, “How is your Dad?” The opening line of the mission statement for the Lonetree Ranch is “Our Heritage Is, Our Legacy Shall Be”. Tige Reinhold has established a powerful legacy. We as family and friends are grateful.

Tige experienced the drought of the Dirty Thirties in his youth. He could tell stories of blizzards such as the Winter of ’49. Tige had the thrill of building a reputable cattle herd. Tige could talk of tragedy and triumph. He was an encourager. In his later years, he observed the terrible drought of the first decade of the 21st century and then he watched as his family experienced the devastation of the October 2013 Blizzard named Atlas. Again he showed his sensitive heart, one of his strongest attributes, as he cried with his family.

We as family and friends have but one right thing to do, and that is to “press on.”

Tige is survived by his son, Larry and wife Robin and their children, Rachel, Molly, Danny, Caleb, Julia and Kiersten Reinhold, rural Sturgis; his daughter, Lana and husband Christopher (Box Elder) and their children, Jason , Jana, and Joel (Liz) Morris, Rapid City; and great grandchildren, Madi and Lee; and his sisters, Dorothy Gapp, Piedmont and Ruth Humke, Texas. He was predeceased by his precious wife, Voreta (Vicky); three sons, Danny, Lyle and Lee; his parents, Emanuel and Hazel (Jensen) Reinhold; his sisters, Rose Davis and Ila Reinhold; and three brothers, Carl (Dick) Reinhold, Earl (Tom) Reinhold and Paul Reinhold.

A memorial has been established for the continuing ministry and outreach of the Rainbow Bible Ranch where Tige devoted 36 years of his life in reaching out to youth and their families.

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