Our camp season ended less than a week ago and what a season it proved to be. This is the third year in a row that we have been blessed with record breaking attendance. 483 kids attended from South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida, Nevada and Wisconsin. 


Many decisions were made that will impact not only for a lifetime but into eternity as well. To God be the glory… great things He is doing.

I want you to know that as you continue to support prayerfully and financially that you are a vital part of the ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch. Just as Aaron and Hur assisted Moses by helping him hold his arms toward heaven in time of battle, so you assist those of us that are actively participating in the everyday work of ministry. And to discount the frontline participation of prayer during the “battles” along the way would be a travesty.

God continues to meet the needs of Rainbow Bible Ranch and through people like you we can continue in earnest whatever God has for us. No doubt we will feel and are already feeling the squeeze that the continued drought has placed upon us. Our precipitation is just over half of normal and couple that with last year’s shortage, we see daily the negative impact of the drought. Feed for livestock is a premium. We did most of the summer without any of our “water activities” such as swimming, fishing, boating and kayaking. And with the extreme heat that was upon us, that was an added burden. I am extremely grateful to my staff for working extra hard to make camp exciting and worthwhile even in the face of these challenges.

Larry Reinhold