Wow… a short breather in the midst of a whirlwind. 


That is what the Independence “week” sort of provides for the crew at RBR. At the ranch, we hesitate to call it a week off…But rather a time to catch up on some chores. I have needed to get this letter out for some time. God has blessed us with us with a diligent staff for which we are thankful. Early on we may have been somewhat shorthanded; however we are in a good position now. Each member of the staff is essential in the outreach and work that is accomplished
We are blessed with a number of veteran Staff members that we are so grateful for. Rachel Reinhold, Emylee Hencey, and Molly Reinhold not only bring experience but are also being in their early twenties prove extremely valuable in relating to the newer member of the staff and the energy level to keep up with all the kids. Robin and I are pleased to work with them. Paula and Tammy continue their valuable work in the kitchen and we count ourselves blessed to have Derek Anderson with us three days a week as well. 

Robin and I are blessed each day by our children and their sacrifice to serve at camp. Needless to say, this Fourth of July break offers them an opportunity to have “their home back so to say”. We pray that they will continue to see the eternal value in what they are a part of. When you are nine and eleven and fourteen and seventeen… family ministry can be somewhat overwhelming at times.

We received some rain last night, but we continue to be dry. We have no swimming this year, very little fishing, now boats, kayaks or pontoon available due to low water levels. Our big Dam, Reinhold Lake, has less than three feet of water in it and we are afraid we are going to lose our fish. We are feeding livestock hay on a regular basis as the grass is short or not there at all. This is our second year of drought conditions. Needless to say, it is discouraging, but we have been encouraged as well. We live by faith and it is amazing to see the children that attend camp catch the seriousness of the situation and the turn that perception into trust and prayer. Daily we hear the prayer from kids in earnest for rain. They pray for the horses, the fish, and the turtles and for protection from serious fire conditions. Child like faith is exciting. 

It is no doubt that some expenses have risen in the last years and even though we raised the fees a little; we still maintain an affordable camping experience for any that wish to attend. We continue to rely on folks from all over to help make up the difference. You are vital in the outreach of RBR. Without question, we are honored to work with you in reaching boys and girls for Christ and impacting families to make a positive difference in the world. Souls are being saved and making disciples is of utmost importance.

Our theme this year, VICTORIOUS, is proving quite timely. We love sharing God’s principles with these young people and their families. They can be victorious is all areas of life when they are in Christ. My Bible session on Tuesday each week is of the three Hebrew young men that were threatened with certain death in the fire of the furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. They were not willing to bow to the idol. They told the king in plain and simple terms that they knew God could deliver them from the fire, but even if HE didn’t, they still would not bow down. That is living in a victorious life. What would our local congregations and our communities be like with they were filled with young people of that conviction? What would our society be like if you and I would commit to that way of thinking? How exciting to think of and even more how exciting to be a part of that. The song that Robin wrote to go along with the theme is excellent and our team leaders and wranglers are doing a nice job of carrying the theme out in everyday life with the campers, as well. 

We have the money to move the church building to the ranch, we are just lacking time. Pray that all will still come together this summer. It appears that we may have another record breaking year in attendance. That is just remarkable. God has blessed and continues to do so. It has taking much effort from all involved to minister to as many kids as we do. 

Our Legacy camps and teen camp is this month. These are such a golden opportunities to reach teenagers. Not easy being a kid in the society today. However, we believe that we are assisting families in training up children in the right way. We count that a privilege.

In closing, we ask for your prayers and financial support as God leads you. We have seen general contributions down in the last month. The local agricultural segment of our local community is taking a hit due to drought conditions. Sincerely seek God’s leading on how you may help us reach these boys and girls. Perhaps you were a camper at RBR in the past and now you can financial assist. Or perhaps your family has been blessed by the ministry of RBR. Perhaps you served on staff and experienced firsthand the many open doors with these kids. As I said earlier, your prayers and support are needed. . We cannot slow down due to lack or resources. God has chosen to bless us as His people and thus enable us to bless others

Larry Reinhold