In less than twelve hours the RBR Main Hall will be teeming with people all waiting to go to and be silent observers of the reenactment of the birth of Jesus. This is the 21st Annual Birthday in the Barn Celebration and we are excited. Many are attempting to squelch the observance of this wonderful event…the birth of Jesus. It is surprising who we find amongst that crowd. I will put it simply; in our home we celebrate and honor each birthday of each family member. 


They deserve it and the rest of the family desires to celebrate it because of the love that is for that person. Yes we do honor them with gifts. We don’t have to. Yes in some cases we celebrate on a different day due to the fact that schedules conflict. We wouldn’t have to. We even remember birthdays as special even after a family member may not be with us. With all that said, we are honoring Christ’s birthday this month. It is an honor to do so.

The Birthday in the Barn is a major outreach to the community. We expect over 200 people to pack into our old barn and be a part of the simple message….”Love came down at Christmas”.  This event gives a much healthier perspective of what the season is about. From the cowboys at the gate to the shepherds at the manger, we will portray the Gospel, that is, Jesus came to save the world.

Good news. I am already receiving registrations for the 2016 summer season. I must admit that I found myself hesitant to put out the registration already. With all that has taken place over the last 2-3 years, we have had little time to breathe. That has been the case this fall as well. Please keep us in prayer.

The Pie Auction was a huge success. We are planning to build some much needed storage and shed areas. We have much of the lumber stockpiled and we hope to build even this winter. We have numerous projects to address, which I will address in a Prayer and Encouragement letter in the next couple of weeks.

Larry Reinhold