My, we have enjoyed a beautiful autumn season. We continue to make progress around the camp and the ranch on projects that we were unable to get to this summer due to an overwhelmingly successful camp season. It was a record breaking year with over 470 children attending sessions at Rainbow. Our previous high number was 423. In June our faithful partner, friend, father and grandpa went to be with the Lord. Tige Reinhold walked a worthy walk on this earth and we miss him each day. Even in his later days, he proved to be a capable encourager to all.




     The Lord blessed us with a very dedicated staff this summer. It takes the “heart” of many to do the work and ministry. That is why I am reminded continually of the value of your contribution and your prayer for Rainbow Bible Ranch. You are an integral part of the operation. We are grateful. Some of you reading this were part of the Second Annual Men’s Day held on October 10th. What a fantastic day of challenge and good times and good fellowship. We had 170 in attendance. Thank you to all that participated. We are all better for it. We had a lot of fun in the latter part of October. We had three hayrides in two weeks with about 180 people participating. It was good, clean wholesome fun for each individual that attended. I want to also let you know that Legacy III (Bible Study) which is held in Rapid City’s Main Street Square is going extremely well. A great group of over 20 very faithful young people attend. We are going through the book of Luke. This is a solid time of study in God’s Word.
    We are preparing for our Fifth Annual Pathfinder Pie Auction this Friday. Yes, it is a fund raiser and yes, it is a great time of fellowship. And before you know it, we will be preparing for our annual Birthday in the Barn Celebration. This living nativity in our nearly 100 year old barn is a highlight for many as we are reminded of the simple and true meaning of Christmas.
    Our daughter, Molly, is attending Ecola Bible College in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We are pleased that she has followed the Lord’s leading to study in this setting. The truths of God’s Word are eternal… sounds like a worthy subject. Levi Anderson, who has worked with us for a number of years, is also attending. Our oldest daughter, Rachel, continues her management role on the ranch. She is so dedicated and has proven to be an essential part of the ranch and the ministry. Rainbow would have a difficult time if she was not on board.
    Rainbow Bible Ranch has experienced some phenomenal situations over the years and in the last few years, nothing short of miraculous. By faith we press forward. God’s provision and God’s people in God’s plan is an amazing equation. I believe there are projects to advance. I have confidence that they do not have to be put on hold. The only thing standing in the way is waning energy of the individual and that can be short lived when we rely on the Lord for strength.
    The theme of the Pie Auction this Friday evening… “FOR THE KIDS AND FOR THE KINGDOM” calls for action in these troubling days in our society. And I am excited about the opportunity and the privilege of being on the same team as the Lord Jesus Christ

Larry Reinhold