On my desk in front of me is a framed and rather simple piece of artwork that Robin gave me a number of years ago. Printed on it are the words, “Larry, whatever God asks you to lift; He gives you the grace to carry.” 



The truth of that statement is my testimony. Many ask me of past challenges and how we are doing. Many share concerns of how the weather has impacted us, Storm Atlas three years ago, and the ongoing drought that we are experiencing. People are interested in the recovery of our horse herd. I appreciate that many share interest in how the family and staff are holding up after two record breaking summers in attendance. And the age old question… “Are you staying busy?” To which I respond… “We really have not stopped, and yes we are somewhat weary.” But God has us in the forward motion and the ministry of RBR continues to have an impact. We cannot stop until God tells us to.

We will be heading into a new year soon. I am writing you to let you know that we need you as part of the team. Please pray with us and for us. Also join us in claiming the promise of …  "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” This passage in Philippians chapter four should not be taken flippantly, but rather recognize that our dependence should be upon God.

I want to share with you just a few things that are taking place at RBR. This week alone is very exciting. Robin and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage on December 7. God has certainly blessed this union and I am thankful. This Friday we will enjoy our 22nd Birthday in the Barn Celebration. What a wonderful time to realize the greatest gift given. This living nativity is a great hands on opportunity for families. And, of course, Christmas… and we look forward to being together as a family.

I also would like to share with you some activities that have taken place recently as well as some that God has us completing in the near future.

The Pathfinder Pie Auction brought in over $10,000.00. The auction not only provided much needed financing, but proved to be much fun and provided great fellowship as well. The funding will allow us to finish up two building projects which includes the Machine Shed to store the seasonal equipment that we use for camp along with our utility tractor, skid steer loader, lawnmowers and sheep wagons. The other building is called the H Triangle which will be utilized as a tack room and livestock area.

We are making progress in procuring the needed funds to move and set up the Old Fairpoint Church building. This vintage facility will be used to conduct Sunday evening services at the Ranch from May into the Autumn months. This has widespread appeal and may help us to reach more families as well. We have 7000.00 on hand that has come in the form of a generous memorial gift along with some funds from the Annual Pathfinder Pie Auction. We need about $30,000.00 total to complete this project.

Due to the full house situation that we have with our record breaking numbers, we must address an important need. We have a log cabin (The YS Cabin) that we use for overflow of attendance during the camping season. We will often use the YS Cabin for these kids. The problem is that there are no restroom or shower facilities there. The campers must walk to and from the Main Lodge. We now have another situation with the Church building close by which will need restroom facilities as well. The solution is a building near the Cabin and less than 100 yards from the Church Building. The building will have the look of a “feed & seed store” This will be a solution for both facilities. I am projecting that facility to run about $25,000.00 - $30,000.00.

As I am writing this, another neat provision of God through people is taking place. We have been concerned for our fish population in Reinhold Lake because of low water levels due to the drought. We signed up on our first ever Facebook Fundraiser on “Giving Tuesday”. The first $1,000.00 raised was matched by the Gates Foundation and we are aiming to raise $5,000.00. It is happening! The money will then be channeled to an aeration system to aid in oxygenation of the water during the winter months and will also make for healthier habitat year around. This is too cool how it is coming together…from knowledgeable people and people providing the resources to make it happen. We could still lose some fish, but they stand a much better chance at survival, plus the lake will benefit in the future, too.

We have some other projects that certainly need to be addressed and we continue to trust God for the provision of those needs. We cannot let the “mechanical” issues take center stage. We are in the “business” of people. That is what God has called for us to do. It is our passion, and our passion is driven in the fact that God is passionate about us. We have a life changing message to proclaim. It does remain, however, that in our journey and in our pursuit of a destination, “mechanical issues” may slow us down, and mechanical issues need to be continually addressed. We must fill the machine with fuel and make sure the machine is road worthy and can take the bumps of life and withstand them. The day to day operation of Rainbow Bible Ranch requires the input from so many. I have listed some “projects” to consider, but I will also say we need to stand together in this day and age of remarkable opportunity. We must not drop our guard. We must not get sidetracked.

Enjoy this wonderful season and the opportunities that go with it. Our family and staff extends true heartfelt greetings along with a heartfelt desire of service and a deep sense of gratitude. I am already receiving registrations for the upcoming camping season. I am hearing from young people that are acknowledging the call to work at RBR this next summer. And I am looking forward to hearing how God will have you be a part of the Rainbow Bible Ranch Team. After all…For the Kids and For the Kingdom.

Larry Reinhold