Some will get squeamish as you read this, but I figured at this time of year, a thoughtful memory will enrich and encourage most of us. Many of you that knew my Dad and Mom, Tige and Vicky Reinhold, realize the story of their lives was full in many ways. But as I was going through some photos today, I was reminded of a particular chapter. 


I am not Tige and Vicky's first-born, but I guess that I have always been their oldest. Danny Eugene Reinhold was born February 24, 1957. A beautiful baby boy to say the least...but Danny was hurt during delivery due to some careless hands and as Danny was born...Danny died. 

The excitement of a baby...the anticipation of a young mother and father was dashed in a moments time. The time came for a funeral rather than a homecoming. My Dad went and bought a little outfit for his firstborn and went to the funeral home where he dressed him. My mother, was not even able to attend the funeral due to the fact that she was still hospitalized. 

As a child, I would go to the cemetery with my parents and see the simple concrete marker that simply stated "Reinhold Infant". Seemed so cold even in my mind, as a youngster. But I could see a look in my Mother's eyes that came from her heart. I will not forget that look. And my Dad... He carried this photo in his wallet to his very last day. And every so often over the years, I would see him getting something from his wallet and he would come across this photo and he would linger and he too would get that look in his eyes. 

As my fingers work the keyboard now...they are trembling. I am a little surprised that my eyes are tearing up. Memories come from deep inside my spirit. And too I think of so many that have experienced the loss of precious a loved one in recent time. If I could offer an example and some advice from my parents. It is necessary to grieve and it is OK to hurt and it is good to remember. My parents, in their faith, and in the loving arms of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, went on from those early days of marriage and through considerable storms and trials to follow. They lived worthy lives which proved the hope that can sustain for a lifetime and into eternity. 

Larry B. Reinhold December 20,2016


Larry Reinhold