We have been without electricity for over 24 hours now, and I thought I would write a quick note to you while there was still battery power on my laptop. The Christmas Day Blizzard of 2016 could have been worse, but will still prove memorable. 70 plus mph winds with about 6" of new snow and near 0 temps, pushed on us, to say the least.  We have a generator, and with a few challenges we were able to keep the house fairly warm.  The upstairs bathroom is partially froze up, and at Rainbow we were able to keep both fireplaces going to keep things somewhat workable there. 



When one experiences one of these challenges, you recognize what you take for granted. Of course, most would think that I am referring to heat and electricity…but I am talking about family. I watched as our 6 children worked diligently in preparation of the storm, ensuring the best situations for livestock.  I watched their enjoyment of each other as we sat in the dark in cramped quarters. I watched them work against the adversities that are multiplied in extreme conditions.  I didn’t mention that we had a flat on one of the big tires on our main loader tractor on Christmas Eve.  It was impossible to get someone to fix it and we are still waiting to get someone to the ranch put a new tire on.  I have watched their creativity to accomplish the most that could be done.  Needless to point out…but essential to say…I am thankful.

I share that with you in gratitude for your ongoing prayer and support in the ministry of Rainbow Bible Ranch. There are many challenges and opportunities ahead for the outreach of RBR.  And it takes many hearts, heads and hands to accomplish what God has ordered for us.  Needless to point out…but essential to say…I am thankful.

Together we have the privilege of making 2017 monumental.

Larry Reinhold