I believe there is strong motivation for me to write to you at this time. 


January 16, 2017

Dear Partners,

I believe there is strong motivation for me to write to you at this time. We are still four and half months away from camp season and then we will be in full gear doing working with kids and their families. But now, I feel we have another project or two to accomplish before summer that will not only meet a real need, but really enhance another aspect of the outreach of Rainbow Bible Ranch.

Many of you have read or heard about the plan to move a vacant country church building to the ranch. It has been on the books for a couple of years. Many have shown interest and excitement in this project. We will use for Sunday evening services from spring to fall months. We see many opportunities to offer biblical teaching and fellowship to the many families that attend camp as well as to people from the region. We estimate the costs of the initial moving and setup at $30,000.00. We have about half that on hand. We are not able to dip too deeply into our account that is used for normal camp operation and that is why I am asking all that read this to consider this as a worthy investment to contribute to. I recently saw a truck commercial during a football game where the pickup was towing a country church on a trailer as an obvious community project and I thought…”That’s us!” Yes, I believe the RBR community should come together with the motivation of accomplishing this dream. I would love to go to needed contractors and inform all that many are on board and I am inviting you to be a part of that group.

Secondly, we have another project that is high priorty as well. We desire to build a restroom facility close to the “Fairpoint Chapel” that will not only serve the people that attend on Sunday evenings but will also work for to our YS Cabin. We use this cabin as lodging for girls during some of our bigger weeks of camp. There is a limitation, however…now restroom facilities and showers close by. This new building would meet that need. The “Cabin” is a very nice structure and works fairly well, except for that limitation. This building can be roughed in and in working order for $30,000.00 as well.

This letter is not going to our entire mailing list, but rather a select group of people that have recognized the mission that God has given to Rainbow Bible Ranch. Please do not rely on the other person that is reading this, but let each of us consider with diligence before God, what part we should have.

Larry Reinhold