We have been reminded over and over of the teamwork that goes into making a ministry work and how rewarding that effort is. 


 I have been reminded of that most recently in a situation where one of “our families” that attends camp has been struck with a life changing health issue. Realizing the strain that will be taking place, I put into action registering the kids, in confidence that God will provide for the financial aspect. RBR waived the registration fee and then I asked our Legacy III group if they would contribute so as to lower the camp fees. In a little over 24 hours, a number of them stepped up and pledged $700.00.  As you may suspect, these young people are not the wealthiest of our RBR family, but they see the need of allowing these kids to attend camp and they also acted as the Lord led to alleviate some of the burden that this family is bearing at this time.  You also are part of the RBR team...thank you.

We are looking forward to our Annual Valentine Banquet this Friday. We will serve delicious food and enjoy much needed fellowship. I must say that we will be blessed by our speakers, Jim and Paula Jandreau. Jim manages Bear Butte State Park and the Jandreaus also ranch on the east side of the mountain.  Paula has assisted in the kitchen at RBR for a number of years, serving as head cook on certain days each week.  Three of their children have also served on staff. Needless to say, they have been vital and willing to help with the ministry.

Registrations are running ahead of last year, for which we are thankful.  Please pray that our website will be up soon. It was hacked earlier and we came to the conclusion that it would be better to rebuild it. Quite costly, but even more, it may be slowing down some of the opportunity to get registered, as there is no registration online. We have been using social media and mailings, and hopefully next week it will be the “new improved”.  We will hit it hard.

Pray also for good quality staff for this summer. That is huge.  We have been so blessed over the years.  Pray for each of our former staff as they come to mind as well.

Finally, a quick update on Stock Show outreach.  We did not have the fellowship room this year, but we were part of the Stock Show Reunion Service. It was outstanding. This year we mingled with the crowds more in hopes of meeting and visiting with a wide array of people. I feel we were successful. The gathering in Rapid City each January is too big to ignore.

It is time for me to get ready to head to town for Legacy III Bible Study. What a fantastic group of young people gather for a very in-depth time in the Word. We are currently working through the book of Romans.  If you want to join us sometime…please do so. Seriously.

Larry Reinhold