Night Check


Ever since I was little there has been something about the 'night check' that has intrigued me! Dad would put on his boots and coat and gloves and head out into the dark of night to check the cows.

When I got a little older I got to sometimes go along on the 10:00 check! It was scary and exciting as dad would carry the big flashlight and the spooky things were always just outside the beam of that light. But as long as we were with dad. Everything was fine

Once in awhile when after helping something or while waiting on a cold night for a new life to arrive we would sit inside and eat crackers and milk before heading back out to check again. And oh how cool on those nights when dad would wake us up so we could go along on the 2:00 check! It was on these night walks that I learned about the stars and snowflakes in the yard light!

Then we grew up some more. And the 10:00 check became our check! Oh remember when "Browneyes" was calving and after 1/2 hour we were just sure she was having trouble! We told dad and he reassured us to give her a little more time. "Are the feet up?" He would ask "I think so" was our reply... and sure enough... a few minutes later there she was. A beautiful little calf!

Now the night check is 'my check' and tonight as I felt my way downstairs through the dark there was my dad..."I been waiting for you!" He said, "I'll go with you!" And even though tonight I was the one that carried the flashlight on that walk through the cows... everything was ok... Because Dad was there.

Thanks Dad

Rainbow Bible Ranch