DECEMBER 23, 2013

This year-end letter is written after a season of challenge. I had hoped that my first letter after camp would be primarily updating you of the joys of the wonderful summer of ministry. For that is certainly what took place. Our theme of "Just Trust" proved to be very timely and affirming. In a world of uncertainty, I thoroughly enjoyed reminding numerous children and teens, along with their families from 19 states, of the blessings of "letting go and letting God". And equally exciting was the response of many kids as they realized that in order to be able to benefit from trusting the Almighty... there must be a first time of trust. Many lives were changed as they received the salvation of Christ. And again, I am amazed and grateful to our Lord for my family and staff. What dedication and servant-hood. I was also overwhelmed by the provision of the many that are part of the team of contributors and supporters. We were able to take on some worthy projects and up until this fall, the financial status looked strong. Then came October 4th. A new chapter was written on that autumn day when Western Dakota experienced one of the most horrendous blizzards on record. The winter Storm Atlas roared through, leaving a path of devastation. Rainbow Bible Ranch and the Lonetree Ranch experienced heart-wrenching loss and destruction. Three days prior to the storm, we experienced 85 degree weather, and then we had 1.5 inches of rain followed by 30 inches of snow, driven by 70 mile per hour winds. What our family experienced and saw after it let up will be in our minds and hearts for as long as we live. Death and debris was nearly everywhere. It appeared that the trees were hit by a tornado. Ten-foot snow drifts in the yard with drifts deeper than 15 feet in the breaks were unbelievable. Power lines were down and phone and internet service was nonexistent. With the ground being warm, the snow began to melt beneath the drifts and then we had more rain, only to cause flooding that we had not ever experienced before at this time of year. The damage on our Big Dam is considerable and certainly must be addressed. We lost cattle that would add to the number of tens of thousands lost in our area. And yet that is not what put the Reinhold family and the ranching and camping enterprises in the headlines around the world. It was the fact that we lost over 90 head of horses in the blizzard. The death loss was disheartening and what even made for more alarming news is that Rainbow Bible Ranch lost nearly 75% of the camp string of horses, the cornerstone of our riding program. Someone once wrote, "When we think of those companions who traveled by our side down life's road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say with gentle gratitude that they once were with us." And then there were the unexpected home-goings of family and friends in this same season. Colin, a thirteen-year-old cousin that was killed in bicycle auto accident, was so saddening; and then the devastating news that came to us during a Legacy III Bible study when we heard the nearly overwhelming news of one of our own, Brandon Delzer, being killed in a pickup wreck. We were so looking forward to having Brandon as part of our staff this summer. But one of the most disturbing bits of news that came to our attention was when we were asked if there would be camp this summer. Would Rainbow Bible Ranch continue ... ? Truthfully, we have never had a doubt that we would be in operation during the summer of 2014. After all ... "Just Trust" is more than a theme. And you cannot preach it all summer and ignore the principle in the midst of opportunity to prove the principle. There are tears in our home nearly every day; however, we are confident that God and His people will provide. We know that we cannot do it by ourselves. Please pray for the hurting families that surround us. Please pray for restoration. Please consider what God would have you do as so many of you have done over the years to ensure that Rainbow Bible Ranch finishes the year financially strong and that we go into the 2014 season restored. We know that our horses cannot be replaced but we will rebuild upon the foundation that has been so much of the reputation that has been sustained for nearly 35 years. And we will hold to the truth of Isaiah 40:31... "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint." And we ask you to join us as we go together with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and "Just Trust." Extending To You And Yours A Very Merry Christmas, Larry B. Reinhold Executive Director

Larry Reinhold