We have been blessed by so many... As we go into 2014, there is no doubt that the road to recovery, after the Storm Atlas, seems long and somewhat arduous. But God is faithful and His people are rising up to assist Rainbow Bible Ranch and our family as we press on. Today, we looked at a report of the many that have written a note to encourage and contributed to the restoration process since October 2013. We will continue to "Just Trust" and for now we want to express a heartfelt thank you to people from the following locales that have joined together in the rebuilding...South Dakota, Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Texas, North Dakota, California, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Utah, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Hungary and Great Britain.  

Rainbow Ranch Olympics: “You will remember today. You will remember how you lost your voice while yelling and encouraging. You will remember how your team prayed for Strength and Endurance. And that you would give all the Glory to God. You will remember how your arms grew numb from fighting in Tug-of-War. How you pushed yourself and your teammates to go ONE STEP FARTHER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!!!!”

Larry Reinhold