We finished planting the Northfield today....As I watched the sun disappear behind the Black Hills to the west on this first day of fall, memories began to flood my mind. We are not big farmers.


The fields that we plant and harvest all have stories that date back with the family many decades and some of them over a century. Son, Caleb, was sharing how even in his 13 years as he rides around Lonetree Ranch/ Rainbow Bible Ranch....he is building his "memory bank" as well. This photo is dear to me. Taken near the end of my Dad's active farming career in the same field that I just completed sowing. Yes, I realize that this season is the first planting on the Lonetree without Dad's presence. As you see, the stories are generations deep. Aside from Danny's very blond hair and the obvious limp of Dad... are Dad's big hands engulfing that of his grandson's. And for a three year old, that big hand was a connection to a very big heart. The family agricultural operation is a phenomena, perhaps one could even say an institution that dates back to the Garden of Eden. Certainly to be cherished, whether actively involved or memories etched deeply in our hearts and minds of days gone by. It is true that Dad is not physically here, but his effort, sacrifice, sweat, and perhaps some drops blood as well has been mixed into the soil that continues to grow and multiply. And it is for certain that the big hand continues to hold and the huge heart continues to beat through the Legacy that has been established.

Larry Reinhold