September 19, 2016

One month ago, we finished our summer season of camp at RBR. And oh, what a summer it proved to be. Our theme “The Greatest Race” allowed for many examples and stories to share with the kids that were in  attendance. Our staff did and outstanding job and it was evident that many were praying with us for a successful season. Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. You are an integral part of the team.


We had another record breaking year to which we exclaim, “To God be the Glory!” 474 young people…474 souls from 22 different states from all corners of America spent time with us. Lots of hours in the saddle….thousands of notes sang in unison (most of the time)…many Scripture passages discussed and learned…numerous decisions made for eterenity… and countless new friendships were made.

Our season proved hot and dry, weather wise. Very little hay put up here as we found ourselves in one of the drier areas of the region. And hot…One Friday afternoon rodeo in 108 degree heat. Many of our ponds went dry and Reinhold Lake is very low. We may lose our fish this winter to winter kill. However the fishing this summer proved too great. One boy caught a 7#4oz largemouth bass and one walleye that was hooked measured over 23 inches long. We did lose some trees that we planted in the last couple of years, because we just couldn’t get enough water on all of them.  We will say that we are seeing improvement in the looks of the landscape however, because “we keep trying and God keeps blessing”.

We are thankful to God for a safe summer. We had some sprained ankles, but everyone is hobbling pretty well now. The livestock stayed healthy. We did have sore eyes on cattle that we worked in the arena for the rodeo due to the lack of moisture and so much dust.

In closing, I want to challenge each of us with the concept of momentum. God is doing mighty things at RBR. At the same time, we have faced some challenges. The Reinhold family has experienced the deaths of three close family members in the last 15 months. The latest was the home going of Robin’s dad a week and half ago. That challenges the heart. We have also seen three valued full time staff head down different paths in the last couple of weeks. Molly returned to Oregon to be an RA at Ecola Bible College. Derek Anderson has accepted the call to be a pastor at  a church in Newell, SD and Caleb Clark has taken a new job on a farm/ranch north of us about 45 miles. They all have our blessings and we continue to be thankful for them. However, we have much to do to continue the outreach that God has ordained for us.

Please Pray…We could sure use some good contractors and craftsmen to help with projects. We are need of feed and moisture. Rainbow continues to seek God’s provision and we realize that He uses people like you and me.

We have some wonderful ministry opportunities in weeks ahead. The Annual Men’s Day in October 1. I will be speaking next weekend at the Meade County Sunday School Convention.. Legacy III Bible Study is going super and we have some Hayrides and Fellowship at the end of next month.

Larry Reinhold