By Larry B. Reinhold For Rainbow Bible Ranch There are so many things that I would love to show you and tell you about. Needless to say, the last year has been quite a ride. I would say that it started with the devastating October Blizzard that has been dubbed "Atlas". But we know that it "started" long before time was even measured. Certainly God has masterminded the events of nature and the effects thereof. I have been intrigued by our language when a natural disaster takes place and we term it an "Act of God". And I know that even the wind will obey Him(Luke 8:25). But the outcome of so many events of life are altered, because we as humankind deny the Lordship of The Almighty, and in our disobedience we may miss the joys that God would have us to posses as our own. What would be amazing, is if our daily actions would also be deemed an "Act of God". For if the wind obeys, shall we not as well?' This summer, as is customary of me, I was enjoying a walk around our home place where Rainbow is located. I thoroughly enjoy where God has allowed me to live in answer to His call. One morning as I was walking through some of the 2300 trees that were planted this year, I noticed that some were beginning to look a little dry. I prayed right then and there. I said, "God help our trees to survive." I was stopped in my tracks when a still small voice said within me, "Don’t just pray that they will survive, pray that they will thrive." You know, I got all excited and did just that. When we gathered for our meal, I called a "Redshirt Meeting". This is codeword that means staff meeting. It generally takes place in the breezeway or in the kitchen. As my amazing crew gathered, I could hardly contain myself. I told them what took place just an hour or so before and looked at them and said, "No longer will we be content to pray to ‘just survive’, but let us this day forth pray to thrive." That is our desire for each day and for each one that is part of the ministry and outreach of Rainbow Bible Ranch. This is God’s Ministry and these are God’s people reaching out to His creation. Many times over the last year(s), people have asked me how we are doing. Especially in light of the events of the last year, my answer is, "We are up and running ... but maybe there is a little limp still showing." But it cannot be denied, that a full fledged miracle has taken place for our family and the ministry that is yours and mine know as Rainbow Bible Ranch. To God be the glory. The last year has been a flurry of amazing activity. With the loss of so many of our good Camp Horses in last year's blizzard, we are recovering very nicely. When you realize that we have struggled to keep up with promotion of camp for the 2014 season, you will be pleased to hear that we had a great camp season. It was not quite a record, but we certainly were in the top five for attendance. We had young people step up shoulder to shoulder to be on staff. What a great crew. And they grew as well. We saw many projects "thrive" as we set out in faith to continue the will of God in our lives. God does supply our needs and He uses His people to provide from the resources that they have been blessed with. We have been blessed with some additional staff year around, and their assistance has been so helpful. And it hasn’t been just "business as usual". RBR has hosted some amazing events. Two that come to mind are The Dakota Horse Challenge in June and the Men’s Day in October. Certainly, we saw tremendous outcome and see tremendous potential ahead. We have been able to address some infrastructure needs as well as safety and beautification projects. Who would have dreamed that we would have been able to undertake some of these needs when one remembers the devastation of a year ago? Again, we have seen God answer prayers. Shortly after camp, I received a letter. I call it a "nastygram" -- very much out of place with all the others that have been collected from all over the country, shared with us by folks who prayed and gave to ensure that RBR would continue. This "nastygram" came unsigned and with no return address. They set forth to fault one of my staff for not responding as soon as they thought they should have. This writer then set out to give me the rules of fundraising. I will stop there and now make something very clear. I am not a fundraiser and neither is there anyone on staff who is a fundraiser. I was not called to be a fundraiser. I am certain that some have in other settings. I am not. I will say this as clearly as possible. Rainbow Bible Ranch has never desired to raise funds. We have and will continue to offer opportunities to any who desire the opportunity to come alongside in the outreach to young people and their families. If you contribute, let your decision be between God and you. And then do it joyfully with all your heart! I believe that God desires to see RBR not just recuperate from the storms that come our way, but as it has been impressed upon my heart and as I have shared with family and staff, to not only survive but to thrive for the sake of the Kingdom and our Kingdom’s Ruler, King Jesus.

In this day, I believe we have limited time and the Day of Lord is at hand. But that is not what drives me. Our passion is clearly driven by excitement of living a life of faith and a realization that our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, desires our fellowship and not only ours, but all that are around us. "For God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). The old hymn by a Swedish Pastor of the last century simply declares, "My God, how great Thou art".

Larry Reinhold