The idiom, "opportunity knocks but once" may be true; however, my point is ... "Does it ever stop knocking?" We may choose to ignore it. We may choose to muffle it. We may even "just squander it.” But with each moment of each new day, we can open the door and enter through the door until time is no more. Some will disagree with my premise, but one recognizes the role of God’s grace and mercy in our lives, I think most will agree that our day to day walk has potential. And as you and I have joined efforts in continuing the ministry through us, by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and in this case through Rainbow Bible Ranch, opportunity abounds. We are heading into a marathon as we are taking RBR to town. The annual Stock Show outreach is already in gear as hundreds of thousands of people come to Rapid City to enjoy this wonderful livestock show and rodeo show. We will again have the Fellowship room in the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn right next door to the Civic Center. "Fellowship @ 5" is a daily time in the Word with music, testimony and a short sermon/Bible study. The RBR room will be open from noon till 8:00 each day. Come and be a part of this opportunity. We sincerely want to impact this great event for Christ. A special opportunity is February 1, as we work with several other families in conducting the Stock Show Reunion Service. Dale Bartscher of the Family Heritage Alliance will be speaking. But the best part is people of Christ are gathering to "spur" one another on in this journey (Hebrews 10:24). May God be glorified. Your continued prayers and support provide for the opportunity to be acted upon and we are confident that good things will happen. I, along with the family and staff of RBR, continue to to overwhelmed by folks as yourself. Our gratitude is from the heart and our acknowledgement will be channeled through you to our Great God. My prayer is that we make the most of the opportunity that is provided to us through all the days of our lives. Oh, I had better go ... "I hear some knocking". It will be a good day.

Larry B. Reinhold

Executive Director

Larry Reinhold