The hour is late and I tune into to listen to a classical piece of music playing. At times, one instrument is seemingly the center of the arrangement and then later another may take preeminence. It is still amazing to hear many different musical instruments playing many different notes come into harmony by the directive of skilled musicians taking their prompting from a composer that may not even be present. However, in agreement these many instruments follow the lead of a skilled conductor to present a piece that inspires
       This seems so different than what is taking place in the world around us. God’s masterful composition has certainly been commandeered. It is alarming to observe the carelessness and selfishness of humanity. As Christ-followers, our worldview should run opposite of the accepted practices which run through the veins of humanity that is a lover of self and a pursuer of the prince of this world and the ruler of darkness. Until Christ sets up His Kingdom and Satan is overthrown, there will be discord in the orchestra.  We are not all on the same page and it can be said with certainty that our society today is not following the Master’s directives. This will one day change

Larry Reinhold