Much of that which is so disheartening in our nation today can be traced back to the fact that there is a lack of respect for one another. I am certain that lives impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ would alter this situation greatly as repentance and transformation would bring a renewing of our mindset. Many within humanity will reject this life changing hope offered by the Almighty God.

         Our next step is simply to respect individuals and institutions which have been placed in our daily walk. By our actions and our deeds, we will demonstrate the value of respect and the significance to those within our society.  

         Respect is a mighty tool. To some, respectfulness will not only be ignored but will be trampled upon. For those individuals, as they choose, our respect will cause us to let their story be written and their end to be in shame; but not because we did not attempt. But many will gravitate toward respect since it is essentially based in love and appreciation.

         Our hope at Rainbow Bible Ranch is that respect and graciousness will cause each girl and boy, each man and woman that comes into our presence to leave with a heart softened and a mind brought into thoughtfulness because they have been impressed by the influence of respect. And I know that a heart that has not been calloused and hardened is one that can be molded. Hardened and calloused hearts brought upon by personal disregard for others and God is not impossible to transform, but the prognosis is often destruction.

Larry Reinhold